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2018 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup CANCELED: Permit Denied

By Beard Bros. Crew
2018 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup CANCELED: Permit Denied

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Cannabis sales & consumption disallowed at the 2018 Socal High Times Cannabis Cup

In late breaking news last night, we learned that High Times was denied their temporary cannabis event permit on Wednesday on a unanimous vote, 6-0, by the San Bernardino City Council.

The permit application was apparently submitted to the city council just three days before the weekend-long 4/20 festivities were scheduled to begin at the NOS Events Center, where it has been held for years.

High Times officials say that they filed the appropriate paperwork with the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, but admit that they filed late with the city itself. 

City council members cited new state-level cannabis laws that require a 60 day notice when filing for an event application such as the one that was required for this weekend’s cannabis and music celebration. 



Vendors have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars well in advance to secure booth space at the popular event, and many had already begun loading their materials into their space to get set up. On top of that, an estimated 20,000 VIP or General Admission ticketswere expected to be sold. Then there are the high grade musical acts that were scheduled to perform like NAS, Raekwon, Lil’ Wayne, and more…what happens with those contracts?

According to a report by NBC News, the event can still proceed…without weed.

That’s right, a High Times… Cannabis Cup… on 4/20… with no cannabis.
That’s not good.

Earlier this week , social media was flooded with reports that the fundamental nature of cannabis related events in California was about to undergo a major change as a result of the passage of Prop 64 by California voters back in 2016 with an Instagram post by @chalicefestival from 4/14/18 that stated: 

“Only licensed California companies will be able to participate at this year’s event. Each attendee will be able to bring 1 ounce of cannabis and 8 grams of concentrate onto the festival grounds. There will be a security and search checkpoint , where all bags will be searched.”

  This & cover photo  Flickr commons Cannabis Reports

This & cover photo Flickr commons Cannabis Reports

With such a low percentage of California based cannabis companies being licensed so early into the new law, and with the strict regulation on how those licensed companies must sell and account for sales at events like these, it suddenly added some uncertainty about the retail aspect of the marijuana festival business model for vendors. 

Now, the last minute cancellation of this year’s 4/20 High Times Cannabis Cup cannot do much to ease anyone’s concerns. 

What do you think the future holds for events like the Cannabis Cup, Chalice, and others in the state of California? Let us know in the comments below.

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Justin T.
Justin T.
3 years ago

Thanks again to those who voted for Prop.64. We (Medical Cannabis Patients) were much better off under Prop. 215 SB 420. We tried to warn you, we pleaded with you, but you knew better. 🙁

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