So is 7/11 Going to Slang CBD or Was it Fake News?

On Wednesday we got an early scoop that Colorado-based CBD producer Phoenix Tears Wellness had signed a deal with a distribution company named MarketHub Retail who had an alleged commitment from the corporate giant 7/11 to place hemp derived CBD products on the shelves of 4500 convenience stores by the end of 2018.

This, obviously, would be huge news and sure enough more outlets began to break the story as the day went on. It wasn’t long, however, before a spokesperson for 7/11 made an official statement and that took the story down an entirely different path.

“We have made no agreement or partnership with this company and do not know why they said that,” said Stephanie Shaw, director of communications at 7/11.


So when confronted with that news, the company that issued the press release on behalf of Phoenix Tears said that some of the details of the deal may have been misstated but that they would “get to the bottom” of it.

The deal?
So there’s a deal?
Or, no?

A day later, intrepid cannabis journalist Mike Adams reported for Cannabis Now that there is, in fact, a deal and that CBD products are already on the shelves of some 7/11 stores!

Adams points out that both Amazon and Walmart have also dipped into the hemp-based CBD market, but only selling the products online and having the orders drop shipped by the manufacturers to keep their corporate hands clean.

So, if our story on Wednesday got you excited, then later headlines got you down, we do apologize. It’s a strange time we live in and we’ll keep reporting our view from the front lines.

For now, at least, it appears that original article was rooted in truth – enjoy your Hi-Chews!

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