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Rylie’s Smile: How a Young Girl is Educating for the Greater Good

Don’t let that sweet smile fool ya – Rylie is a fighter and we sure are glad that she’s on our side of the fight! Rylie’s story is one of strength, perseverance, courage, and love, and the best part is. . . it is just getting started. We are proud to help tell it with our good friend and guest author, Sharon Letts

At the tender age of seven years-old, Rylie Maedler, was diagnosed with Aggressive Large Cell Granuloma; bone tumors in her face, that began in her eye-socket, wrapped around her adult teeth, and continued through her upper palate. Nearly one third of her facial bones had to be surgically removed to get the tumor out, and she was unable to undergo reconstructive surgery due to the metal being unacceptable for her follow-up MRI’s for years to come.

Concerned her beautiful daughter would be disfigured for life, her mother, Janie Maedler, started doing her own research on how to help her. She found an article online published in, via a combined study from researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, stating, “Cannabidiol (CBD) was found to enhance fracture healing and stimulate Lysyl Hydroxylase (a highly abundant enzyme involved in bone healing) activity in osteoblasts (bone building cells).”

This caused Janie to seek out cannabis oil, and in a don’t ask, don’t tell scenario, she administered the oil while Rylie was in the hospital, telling the medical staff it was a combination of essential oils.

Rylie’s dosing consisted of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD), THCA (non-psychoactive), and limited amounts of THC (psychoactive). The results were immediate, as it lessoned her pain overall and stopped the seizures that came on with the ailment. In just a few months the teeth that doctors said would fall out were growing back stronger than ever, and her facial structure completely regenerated.

As noted in a recent video clip on Inside Edition, Ryle said, “I’d probably still be in the hospital if it wasn’t for cannabis.”

As with many witnessing the power of the plant, Janie has become an outspoken advocate. She pushed their home state of Delaware lawmakers until not one, but two laws were passed allowing children to use cannabis therapy – with the first law aptly titled, “Rylie’s Law.”

                                   Rylie before cannabis oil, and now today

The second law successfully allows child medical cannabis cardholders to be administered their medicine in school, as once Rylie healed and was back in school, she was made to go off campus to take her cannabis oil for maintenance and to prevent against the chronic pain that ensued after the tumors were removed.

                                                                                                         Rylie Maedler & her mom Janie – cannabis advocates

It’s important to note: with Janie’s advocacy and testifying to the powers that be, all the laws proposed thus far have been unanimously voted on by Delaware’s health committees, the State Senate, and the House – which was said to be unprecedented.

Janie is currently working on a third law to add Autism on the list of qualifying conditions in Delaware and beyond, as her son, Gavin (Rylie’s twin), was diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum, under the sub-category of Asperger’s Syndrome.

Help for her son was found accidently, as he mistakenly took one of Rylie’s THCA caps one morning along with his other medications.

“That day he performed well in school with no mishaps,” Janie explained. “We had to backtrack to see what it was he took to cause this transformation. Once we realized he took a THCA cap, I knew I had to lobby again for Autism. My husband, Sean, is a special needs teacher and he’s also on board to help as many children as we can.”

Janie has since partnered with Barry Herzberg, a California cannabis oil producer, and together they have developed formulas for myriad ailments within the newly created, Rylie’s Smile line of products. (This proven medicine is currently in a fight of its own to gain the proper licensing and entrance into California’s regulated market. . . they tell us to stay tuned! -Ed.)

Janie also began Rylie’s Smile Foundation to help others in similar situations, and offer education on cannabis for remedy. The foundation’s name is a nod to the smile that might have been forever turned upside-down if cannabis oil had not been snuck into the hospital under false pretenses.

Today, Rylie travels the world sharing her story, as one of the youngest advocates for medical cannabis.

“I just want to help other kids live a better quality of life,” she said during the Inside Edition segment. “I want to educate others on cannabis, because it helped me – other kids should have a chance to be helped too.”

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