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STRAIN REVIEW: Kosher Kush Caviar from Pharmers Manufacturing

Coming off of a truly top-shelf experience while smoking Kosher Kush flowers from our buds over at Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Bill, Jeff, and I were extremely stoked to get our hands on the extracted version of the same strain.

Adding to the allure is the fact that not only was this Kosher Kush Caviar created from the same SCVA flowers we had loved so much, but that the extraction process at Pharmers Manufacturing is handled by our buddy Dan from Kaizen Medicinal, a brand known for perfection.

Just as a proper extract will combine and concentrate all of the essential cannabinoids and terpenes into one final exquisite form, we felt like our opportunity to dab on this Kosher Kush Caviar was a proper culmination of a lot of the incredible stories we have heard and people we have met at SCVA and Pharmers Manufacturing.

In full disclosure, we are typically flower guys. . . it’s kind of our thing. . . but we do enjoy a delicious dab (or three) from time to time and we’re are all geared up with e-nails, torches, fresh quartz bangers, carb caps, and all the rest of the tools of the trade.

The quartz is warm, the timer is counting down, here is our review of Kosher Kush Caviar from Pharmers Manufacturing.


Ok, so the plan was to take three dabs in one 30 minute sesh.

That mission was immediately compromised after my very first dab of Kosher Kush Caviar.

30 minutes after that initial rip I was slack-jawed on the couch in the mancave, watching something on YouTube that I can’t recall now but was fascinated by at the time.

The three of us sampled this Caviar at various times of the day and night and no matter how much weed we had smoked before the dab sesh, that first dab of Kosher Kush Caviar was always a DMT-like blast-off to a new high.


Much like with SCVA flowers, Pharmers Manufacturing packaging is relatively simple but provides all of the information that a discerning dabber would want in order to do their due diligence.

The thick glass jars used to house our Caviar are again fairly industry standard but provide a perfect storage solution for this consistency and texture as you can scrape pretty much every last bit of hash from the container.

Cracking the lid you are greeted with a pungent pine and ammonia blend that will clear your sinuses from a foot away. Knowing how stanky SCVA Kosher Kush flowers are, I was actually hoping for a bit more of a bang on the olfactory nerve, but a very similar profile to the flowers was discovered with a deep inhale from the jar.

The view inside is epic. . . pure gold.

Again, it aesthetically resembles a soupy mix of hard shards and runny terp sauce, but it’s not. With Wu-Tang bangin in my brain I am seeing something like a liquid shatter as I stir up my sample to prepare each dab.

With just enough funk keeping it all stuck together, it is simple to select any size dose you prefer and it will grab onto any dabber and stay put. This is so useful because a small (.03ish) dab of Kosher Kush Caviar will give you 2-3 massive blasts with clean quartz and a proper carb cap, whereas you cannot always dose so precisely with traditional “diamonds”.


Aside from the amazingly clear-headed and in-the-moment high that we all experienced while smoking Kosher Kush flowers from SCVA, the aspect that Bill, Jeff, and I loved the most about it was the intense flavor that translated so effectively from the aroma emanating from the buds in the jar onto our anxious tastebuds.

With that in mind, we were highly anticipating the wave of flave that we were confident the Caviar would deliver and hoooo boy it did not disappoint!

The instant – and I mean the instant – the first lick of vapor drifts past your lips you are in terpene heaven. Deep, rich pinene and limonene terps leave your saliva glands weeping in delight (don’t drool in the dab rig, dude!).

Though I do not recommend this, as it is certainly not the highest and best use of the product, I got a smudge of Caviar on my thumb while taking pictures and I licked it off. Instead of that spicy, peppery ‘flavor’ that almost ALL cannabis oil gives off when ingested like this, regardless of strain, I was pleasantly surprised with an almost exact emulation of the vapor flavor profile.


Well over a full hour after q-tipping my banger (a phrase we never would have used a few years ago), I still feel a powerful cerebral head high with that telltale slight pressure behind the eyes, along with a melting, warm comfort from the neck down.

Despite smoking the best of the best for years on end, I feel blessed that I can still get baked off of a half a bowl of Blue Dream buds, but getting high and getting healed are often two different things and Kosher Kush Caviar more than satisfies both.

While the Kosher Kush flower inspired activity, this highly concentrated form of it seems to be more sedative. Though it certainly provided me with some of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while when I dared to dab it right before bed, the sedative effect did not make my brain mushy or impact my work ethic. Instead, it just gave me such an overwhelming feeling of relaxation that the hiking, fishing, and fucking around I did with Kosher Kush flowers seemed better left for some other day.

Kosher Kush Caviar acts as an excellent fuel for the creative mind, and the fact that it encourages you to chill with your laptop, or sketchpad, or guitar could be a benefit for those who find it hard to sit still for such things.

1-2 dabs of Kosher Kush Caviar easily replaced my desire for roughly 5-6 bowls of bud all while stretching my tolerance level in typically unchallenged directions.


One of my biggest gripes about most concentrates is the focus purely on THC and taste. While those are absolutely essential, the full spectrum of the cannabis plant contributes to the way we feel when consuming it and this unique process that Pharmers Manufacturing employs delivers a real entourage effect that I usually turn to raw flowers for.

The price is right on point – usually coming in at around $50/g for the Caviar.

The reason we don’t dab as regularly as we smoke flower is pretty simple. We know good flower and where to get it. To trick me or the two Beard Bros. into buying boof buds is a difficult proposition, but identifying potentially unsafe cannabis oil is a bit more tricky.

You have to know and trust the source and there are very few growers or extractors in the California cannabis market that we trust as much as we do the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance and their vertically integrated operation.

If a licensed California grower has a strain they think is up to snuff and compliant, Pharmers Manufacturing is open for contract manufacturing for certain concentrates including the Caviar with select strains. If your farm or brand is interested in such a collaboration you can reach Pharmers Manufacturing through SCVA here on their contact page.

Big thanks to the crew at SCVA for tapping us to take a toke of their finest flowers and extracts. We told them straight up, if we don’t like it we’ll have to call it like we see it and they were up for the challenge. But, clearly, that was not a problem.

If you are looking to review our review, be sure to check out the SCVA website for online ordering and directions to dispensaries nearby who carry SCVA and Pharmers Manufacturing products like the Kosher Kush Caviar and flower.

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