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Beard Bros. Throwback: The Real History of 420 Is Still Being Written

By Beard Bros. Crew
Beard Bros. Throwback: The Real History of 420 Is Still Being Written

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The officially unofficial stoners’ holiday of April 20th conveniently lands on a Saturday this year and with the popularity of the plant at an all-time high, there are bound to be endless opportunities to get your head right at a sesh near you.

As more people dive into the cannabis culture, it is more important than ever to preserve the old school grassroots history behind the sprawling mainstream movement we see today.

The topic of cannabis is now deemed safe for everyone from late night talk show hosts, to sitcom characters, to your local newscaster and they’re all bound to have some half-baked 4/20 jokes packed in their water pipes for tomorrow even though the majority of them have no idea what exactly they are even talking about.

The truth is, the history behind 4/20 is still pretty hazy and it is still being written today as we collectively continue to break new barriers with our advocacy of this plant.

A year ago we dove into the lore behind the 20th of April at 20 minutes after 4 and got to the bottom of the myths… sort of…

Check it out here and leave us a comment about what 4/20 means to you

Be safe and have fun, friends!

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