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Remembering Mickey Martin: His Voice May Be Gone But the Connections Live On

By Jack Riordan
Remembering Mickey Martin: His Voice May Be Gone But the Connections Live On

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The past two years have been a whirlwind of emotions as we have stood on the frontlines of the cannabis movement not only to report back to you what we are seeing firsthand, but also to plant our own flag in this crazy storm to be one of the handful of OG’s left standing once the sun finally shines on California’s licensed cannabis market.

But I know I can speak for Bill and Jeff when I say that none of the emotions that we’ve experienced over the past two years can quite compare to the heartbreak we all felt two years ago today on June 21st, 2017 once we learned that our confidant, friend, and mentor Mickey Martin had passed away unexpectedly.

There are many multifaceted tributes to Mickey and the life he led spread across the web, and you should consider reading them if you are not familiar with the man.

Mickey was an outspoken opponent to Proposition 64, as is well-documented on his excellent website WeedActivist.com, and even he had no idea how deeply flawed it would become. These days, we often trade texts or DMs with each other about “What would Mickey say?” Maybe we should get bracelets made… Seriously though, his voice is missed more than ever in these fucked up times. But, as Bill said during his speaking engagement earlier this week at Blunt Talks here in LA, it really doesn’t matter if you voted for Prop 64 back then, it is the law now and it’s up to us to help change it for the better. That task is easier accomplished from the inside and I’m confident that Mickey would agree with that.

From coast to coast, Mickey brought people together. . . but not just anyone. His Bullshit Detector was always perfectly calibrated and gaining his trust wasn’t easy. Once you did though, you gained entry into a truly grassroots network of up and coming colleagues as well as some of the oldest and most respected names in the game. You can read about all of his accomplishments and his disappointments – he had his share of both – but the bottom line is that Mickey Martin connected good people, he helped good people.

We miss him so much.

Please take some time today to visit his WEBSITE and go back and read his final 3 or 4 articles and feel his pain bleeding off the screen.

You can also donate to an ongoing Go Fund Me campaign set up to benefit Mickey’s wife and two sons.

Enjoy this legendary video of Mickey Martin on stage at the 2013 Boston Freedom Rally

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