Delta-8 THC continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons and that alone should tingle your Spidey-sense that something odd is going on.

If you are not familiar with what Delta-8 THC is, we wrote a badass article about it back in February, and the popularity and market demand for those products has only gotten higher since then.

So, of course, now states are beginning to ban it completely. We’re not just talking about the few remaining cesspools of prohibition like Idaho either, New York state is now the latest to ban the therapeutic and mildly psychoactive Delta-8 THC, despite the fact that the state just legalized cannabis (with its natural abundance of Delta-9 THC).

New York joins 11 other states that have prohibitive laws on the books regarding Delta-8 THC, with at least six more contemplating following this horrible trend.

Many of us can see this for what it is: an ignorant effort to keep enough unjust laws in place to create more outlaws, more taxes, and more regulation around an already overregulated, overtaxed, and overpoliced plant.

Unfortunately, for the average consumer, these bans and the poor media coverage that follows have made a somewhat mysterious product in Delta-8 THC into a seemingly dangerous one.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some filthy dirty CBD and Delta-8 products on the market these days and buyers should absolutely beware, but as with any form of cannabis concentrate, quality and purity come down to three main factors; the process/tech being used to perform the extraction, the skill and experience and morals of the person or crew doing the work, and most importantly the quality of the starting material.

Trash in, trash out, right?

The opposite is true as well – high-quality cannabis and hemp (in the right hands) leads to high-quality concentrates for dabs, edibles, topicals, vaping, and more.

The trick is finding those products in a sea of mids.

At Beard Bros Pharms, we don’t deal with mids, and with friends, family, and fans from coast to coast we saw an opportunity to finally be able to provide a broader spectrum of relief to exponentially more people from a brand everyone trusts.

Beard Bros Wellness was crafted for that purpose.



Though the Delta-8 THC isomer does occur naturally in cannabis plants, it is always in such a low percentage that targeting it for direct extraction is not a lucrative reality.

Instead, either the more abundant cannabinoids like CBD or (D9) THC are extracted, concentrated, and then subjected to one of several processes to convert that gooey slurry into Delta-8 THC.

That is one of the three keys we discussed above: process.

The second was the skill and moral compass of the crew performing the process.

Finally was the quality of the starting material.

When we decided to enter this branch of the cannabinoid market, we knew that to keep the products affordable and compliant for as many customers as possible, we would need to find and partner with a vertically integrated American hemp farm and processor whose standards could match the height of our own.

With that accomplished, we are proud and confident to offer what we consider to be the safest and most effective Delta-8 product line available anywhere.


We wouldn’t sell it otherwise.

When we talk about overregulation, we don’t mean to sound like we are lobbying for no regulation. The federal government legalized the “hemp” plant before they knew the first thing about it, and now entire states are dragging parts of that federally legal plant back into the stone age of prohibition.

Hemp and hemp-derived products need a very basic level of regulation – mostly just mandated 3rd party lab testing – but until that happens you have to know and trust your source now more than ever.

As we wrote in that previous article, “Much like the CBD rush of recent years, the same number of Chads, charlatans, snake oil, and used car salesmen are sure to storm this new opportunity, willing to sell you anything, whether it lives up to its fancy packaging or not.”

You know us.

We got you.


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