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California Launches CannaConnect To Provide Resources To Licensees

Owning a business in the cannabis industry is an exercise in patience, paperwork, and compliance with a never ending stream of confusion and rule changes that are enough to make anyone’s head spin. No one wants to, or deserves to, have immeasurable fines accumulate or – perish the thought – their business shut down due to a lack of knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry. 

Here comes CannaConnect ready to save the day. The website was launched to aid Californian cannabis license holders in staying compliant with industry rules and regulations. CannaConnect is an online resource centre from the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) aiming to provide licensed cannabis businesses with the tools they need to traverse the complex and ever-changing regulated cannabis market. 

CannaConnect Compliance Hub

There are numerous resources available on CannaConnect for cannabis licensees, from cultivation, manufacturing and distribution, to testing laboratories to retail, events, and most importantly – compliance. Educate yourself on the diverse nature of the cannabis industry so that your business is able to maintain compliance with laws and regulations while thriving in the cannabis market. 

A few note-worthy resources include the premises diagram checklist, understanding CEQA for cannabis businesses, what to expect when you’re inspected, the track and trace system and the CAL/OSHA requirements for business. 

Space To Ask And Connect

Not only does CannaConnect provide cannabis industry professionals with the tools and resources they need to maintain cannabis compliance, but they have also created a space in which all those involved in the varied cannabis market can ask the questions they’d like to see answered. 

They understand that cannabis licensees are as unique and divergent as the cannabis market itself, therefore CannaConnect has provided a survey that cannabis license holders, consumers, and more can utilize to bring light to issues, resources and areas that they feel need to be explored, or that users would gain insight and value from. 

CannaConnect uses this survey to analyze which areas of cannabis compliance need to be explored and explained more, while also learning from industry professionals’ personal experiences. This helps them to continually develop their materials, prioritize the most important areas of expertise, and provide the best user experience to those invested in the growing, multifaceted legal cannabis industry.

Additional Resources On Government Website

The California Cannabis Government Website has a range of resources and a multitude of information available from consumption through to conception and carrying out your cannabis business goals on top of the new CannaConnect compliance hub. 

  1. ConsumptionThe website provides cannabis users with a host of resources surrounding what’s legal, medicinal marijuana, responsible cannabis use, as well as the opening of cannabis conversations with the youth. They clear up issues such as what’s legal and what’s not, where it’s legal, the growth of cannabis at home and the purchase of marijuana.A useful consumer’s cannabis resource includes the DCCs license search, which helps users find a dealer near them.[Related Reading: Orange County, California is a Massive Marijuana Desert. Why?]
  2. ConceptionApplicants of cannabis licenses can utilize the website to find the answers to all their cannabis business conception questions and probably even some they didn’t realize they had. It provides useful information on applying for or renewing a license, as well as fees involved, different license types, and equity fee waivers. It also supplies license access portals and different cannabis license resources to aid you in your journey to becoming active in the legal cannabis market.Some valuable resources we noted are the application checklist and landowner approval form.

The Californian Government Cannabis website was already a useful tool for those in the cannabis market, whether as a purchaser, grower, seller, or more. The new CannaConnect Hub has taken the level of functionality up just a few notches. This makes existing in the growing cannabis industry a little less daunting, a little easier, and a little more connected. Connect with Beard Bros today for more news and media on the legal cannabis industry. 

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