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After DOJ Returns $1.1 Million in Seized Funds, Courier Resumes Business

After finally resolving a federal lawsuit accusing a sheriff’s officers of unjustly seizing $1.1 million in medical cannabis proceeds from two of its vehicles last year, an armored car firm will restart operations in San Bernardino County. This unfair seizure should never have happened to begin with, however, we commend the police for actually owning up to and correcting their error, thus allowing the company to resume its lawful cannabis business.

What We Know

After the local sheriff’s department withdrew its legal claims, an armored car firm that transports legal cannabis proceeds will restart operations in San Bernardino County, California once again.  The news comes only weeks after the US Department of Justice agreed to restore $1.1 million in earnings confiscated last year by county sheriff officers from two Empyreal Logistics cars in Denver.

Empyreal, the armored vehicle company, agreed to withdraw its case against the DOJ in response.

In a story by The Sun in San Bernardino County, the Sheriff’s Department indicated that all parties realize that they were acting in good faith when the stops were made and that they have reached an agreement that will allow both sides to go forward amicably.

“Both parties also accept that Empyreal is a part of the answer for financial transparency (in the legal cannabis market) and that San Bernardino deputies are not highway robbers, as previously stated in the media.”

Further Details

Empyreal Logistics is a cash courier for legal cannabis companies and other industries in more than two dozen states.

The finances have been refunded, according to Empyreal CEO Deirdra O’Gorman, and after meeting with the sheriff, Empyreal is satisfied that they can continue to serve state-legal enterprises without interruption.

For its part, the Sheriff’s Department stated that its narcotics section will continue to pursue illegal marijuana enterprises.

This seizure of legal cannabis funds from Empyreal should never have happened. It is imperative that the Sheriff’s Department, and all law enforcement agencies, have plans in place to ensure that mistakes such as this one do not happen in the future, as they can be extreme hindrances for those cannabis businesses involved. 

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