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Frenchy Dreams of Hashish LA

Frenchy Dreams of Hashish

A documentary film premiere experience that guide attendees through the unique journeys of craft cannabis cultivators in California.

The documentary film Frenchy Dreams Of Hashish follows the master hashishin (hashish-maker) Frenchy Cannoli, over a three-year period that spans the transistion from the end of the California medical market to the beginning of the Adult Use market, as he works with a small group of outdoor Emerald Triangle cannabis farmers in North California. Produced by Frenchy and his wife Kimberly, direct by the documentary filmmaker Jake Remington, the intention of the film is to reintroduce hashish to a Western public that has lost Touch with the traditional cannabis concentrate due to the success of the War on Drugs, and highlight the rthos sustainable farming and dedication to quality sun-grown cannabis shared by Frenchy and his farmers.

“The intention of the film is to highlight the ethos of sustainable farming and dedication to quality sun-grown cannabis shared by Frenchy and his farmers,” filmmaker Jake Remington says. “During filming, California’s cannabis industry experienced waves of change that negatively affected and threatened the livelihood of the small farmers Frenchy worked with. This maelstrom of bureaucracy and hypocrisy forms the context of the film in which Frenchy and the farmers’ fight for quality — and survival — intensified,” Remington adds. “Unfortunately, the mistreatment of small cannabis farmers is still happening today, and, with the release of this documentary, we hope to bring awareness and change to the situation.”

To that end, 20% of proceeds from all screenings of the film both in theaters and eventually online will be donated to the Origins Council, a nonprofit advocacy association that serves 900 licensed small and independent cannabis businesses in six legacy-producing counties throughout California. Origins Council in turn will use the money to support their project with the Lost Coast Farmers’ Guild of Humboldt County to research and develop the Guild’s petition to establish one of the first legally recognized cannabis appellations in the world.

“We are grateful to the Frenchy Cannoli Foundation for being so forward-thinking in making this donation,” says Genine Coleman, executive director of the Origins Council. “Frenchy was a well-beloved leader of our community, and his legacy continues with the important work of honoring and protecting legacy cannabis farming.”

Sunday, August 21st
2:00pm to 5:00pm
Doors open at 1:30pm
General Admission: $15.00
James Bridges Theater
235 Charles E Young Dr. East, UCLA Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Frenchy Dreams of Hashish LA

About Jake Remington 

Jake Remington is co-founder of (collabo!), an international creative house that has been evolving since 2011 with roots in NYC and partners throughout the USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, and India. They have captured and created live concerts and festivals, events, campaigns, social media content, documentaries, and films within the underground, independent, and brand worlds. Learn more:

About The Frenchy Cannoli Foundation

Founded in 2022 to honor Frenchy’s legacy of open-source hash-making education and promote projects to support the small regenerative farmers of the Emerald Triangle, the Frenchy Cannoli Foundation pursues the initiatives Frenchy was so passionate about during his life. In addition to this film, the Foundation will support his book on the history of cannabis concentrates currently being edited and the second iteration of his scientific investigation with High North Labs in Canada on aging hashish is in development. The Foundation is also in the process of organizing the inaugural Frenchy Fest for summer 2023 in Humboldt to celebrate Frenchy’s life and empower the community he loved. Learn more:


Origins Council was founded in 2019 as a California 501c4 nonprofit education, research, and policy advocacy organization, dedicated to sustainable rural economic development within historic cannabis-producing regions. Origins Council currently represents nearly 900 members through its partnership with Trinity County Agriculture Alliance, Humboldt County Growers Alliance, Mendocino Cannabis Alliance, Sonoma County Growers Alliance, Nevada County Cannabis Alliance and Big Sur Farmers Association. Learn more at

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