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A bit about the brothers behind the brand


At the confluence of the cannabis culture and the cannabis industry is where you’ll find Beard Bros. Pharms


Founded in April of 2018, Beard Bros. Media is a direct extension of the minds behind Beard Bros. Pharms. With 250+ all original, feature-length articles published, spanning well over 300,000 words, we have proudly covered the grassroots of the cannabis culture and the emergence of the cannabis industry with an authentic edge otherwise lacking in media these days.

As our reputation as unapologetic truth-dealers took root, our peers in the cannabis space began to approach us seeking help telling their stories. We have cultivated what we believe to be the most affordable and effective advertising and cross-promotional options in the industry and we are proud of the volume of work we have collaborated on in that effort.

Our free Friday Sesh weekly email newsletter reaches thousands of the most tuned in players in the cannabis game. From CEOs and top industry lawyers, to trap stars and backpack hustlers, our Sesh subscription list is lit!

Bottom line – nobody covers cannabis like we do.

For more details or to hire our crew to help yours, contact us today

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