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These Four States Vote on Cannabis Legalization Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Election Day in America and the stakes surrounding the results of races for the Senate and Congress all the way down to your local representatives couldn’t be higher. Voting is a fundamental right of being an American, and your vote absolutely matters. These four states vote on cannabis legalization tomorrow – here’s what you need to know.

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It’s National Expungement Week – What Does That Mean For You?

653,249 were arrested in the U.S in 2016 on cannabis-related charges despite the fact that medical and recreational cannabis legalization measures were already sweeping the nation. Recognizing the difficult path that convicted cannabis warriors must walk to find redemption, a coalition of cannabis social justice organizations dubbed the Equity First Alliance is hosting the first of its kind National Expungement Week this week between October 20th & the 27th

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California Gov Jerry Brown Shows His True Colors on Cannabis

Asked about climate change, and what we can do about it, Gov. Brown reached deep into his odd hatred for pot and blurted out, “We either do nothing and smoke marijuana because it’s legalized, or we put our shoulder to the plow and do everything we can.” Ok, listen up Moonbeam. We have actual people with their actual shoulders to actual plows trying to form a lucrative, fair, and eternally sustainable industry out of an actually miraculous plant that grows like a weed.

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GOP Rep Suggests Random Drug Testing of Fellow Lawmakers

Drug testing reasoning, methods, and technology – particularly when it comes to cannabis use – are archaic and severely flawed. This isn’t about Congress – they are the distraction. nRestricting government cheese, or earned unemployment benefits from someone in need because they took a toke three weeks prior is beyond inhumane and it is high time that we the people stopped supporting or encouraging it at any level.

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Given 2nd Chance, Republicans Abandon Vets Once Again on Cannabis

We first reported on this story in June, when the Republicans originally blocked the VA funding vote based on the pro-MMJ stance laid out by the proposed bill. Since then, a dual-chamber panel was tasked with finding a way to merge the House and Senate bills into one final piece of legislation for the president to sign. That final legislation was released yesterday…

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The Long & Hazy History of the Boston Freedom Rally

Massachusetts knows a thing or two about tradition and on the third weekend each September for the past 28 years Boston has been home to one of the coolest traditions in the cannabis culture, the Boston Freedom Rally. Join Beard Bros. Pharms Sept. 14-16 to celebrate cannabis culture and help to push the movement forward!

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