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Product Reviews
beard bros pharms slx herb grinders
Product Reviews

We’ve Used All the Top Weed Grinders, So How Do SLX Grinders Stack Up to the Rest?

SLX makes the claim that their innovative non-stick design features a high-grade non-toxic ceramic coating that never degrades, scratches, or chips from normal use. Even if you somehow managed to break some off into your herb, it is anti-flammable and will never burn, melt, or off-gas under your lighter flame. On the surface (pun absolutely intended!), that sounded like exactly what we were looking for. The catch was, and always is, we are going to give an HONEST review, whether the manufacturer likes it or not. To their credit, the crew at SLX accepted the challenge and here is what we learned.

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Brand Reviews

With Deep Roots in Cali’s Cannabis Culture, Circle Labs of Marin County Delivers High Grade Hemp Derived CBD

Too many people who may be able to find real benefits from legit CBD products are instead walking blindly into the market with no advice, no education, and no clue on how to separate the snake oil from the CBD. We have friends and family asking us all the time for recommendations specifically for hemp-derived CBD but we’ve never had any place to confidently point them… until now.

Regenerative farming.
Research-driven, quality-controlled manufacturing.
High-grade products that work.
Compassion based community outreach.

Jeez… is this a hemp CBD company or an old school cannabis company?

That’s the beautiful part, Circle Labs is both.

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Strain review white tahoe cookies emerald frost oregon 1

STRAIN REVIEW: White Tahoe Cookies from Emerald Frost

Emerald Frost is the epitome of the small-batch high-quality Oregon cannabis cultivator, known for kicking out consistent crops of some of the state’s finest flowers. Dick Fitts is the epitome of the impassioned cannabis lover/reviewer who kicks out a consistently dank take on the very best that Oregon has to offer. Get the full scoop from seed to smoke only at Beard Bros. Pharms!

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