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Twenty Bong Hits : Emotional Issues & Cannabis

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this highly relatable tale from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

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Veterans Cannabis Coalition to Unveil ‘Cannabis Bill of Rights’ in Nation’s Capital This Weekend

Eric Goepel along with colleagues from Veterans Cannabis Coalition and other veteran-led advocacy groups will hold a panel discussion in the heart of democracy to elaborate on what cannabis legalization means for important issues like the veteran suicide crisis, the opioid epidemic, and more at the RFK Festival Grounds for a 4/20 celebration at the 4th Annual National Cannabis Festival, in Washington, D.C. Goepel will speak from 3:30 – 4:15pm on Saturday, April 20th and will also unveil the Bill of Cannabis Rights that we’ve broken down for you here.

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Cali Cannabis Lab Testing Challenges the Integrity of the Industry

Until their technology advances enough to close these gaps in accuracy, or the state loosens the law enough to account for those gaps, testing labs may need to meet their customers in the middle in order to protect the small to midsize producers at the essential grassroots of this potentially lucrative and efficient market.

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