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We Haven’t Won Yet

We Haven’t Won Yet

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We’re in a tight spot.

You, me, people we know. All of us. A tight spot.

As the cannabis dominos continue to smash down state to state, the feds refuse to budge. The DEA is still raiding homes and businesses, banking is still illegal for the many “non-profit” dispensaries doling out cannabis, and far too many of our brothers and sisters are sitting behind bars. All the while, the “green rush” crashes on and dreams of making it big in a burgeoning industry take over.

As a veteran, I feel a stinging regret every single time someone thanks me for their freedom. Because they mean exactly that. They thank me for their freedom, simultaneously denying me mine. I regret fighting the wrong fight in Iraq. Thankfully I have been able to wash some of that guilt away serving my community here at home, by fighting for our actual freedom and helping put an end to this shameful prohibition. With over thirty of our states legalizing cannabis for medicinal or adult use, we are well on our way. However, as much as it may look like we are winning we have to remain cognizant of the facts: Power doesn’t give, you have to take; and beasts cornered fight harder.

Do you see cannabis in either party platform this election?

Neither do I.

What I do see, are more people getting thrown into the criminal justice meat grinder. Case in point, Mr. Sean Worsley. Mr. Worsley is an Army veteran, combat wounded purple heart recipient, and medical cannabis patient from Arizona. Or, at least he was, now he’s just another slave in Alabama, getting ready to start a five-year bid for cannabis he legally purchased in his home state.

Without going into too many specifics of this man’s case here(read the article provided above), I will point out that this individual who would otherwise be touted as a hero by politicians looking for votes, and business types looking for deals, has been thrown away like old trash. Newsflash for these thugs with badges, medical cannabis patients like to travel with their families too. It’s not uncommon to see one of us letting off some steam at a gas pump during a long road trip, traveling with alcohol, or in possession of multiple prescriptions.

Regardless of how normal these activities may sound (because they are), as soon as cannabis is introduced into the equation the powers that be want to throw felonies in their shotguns. No matter who’s on the business end. This seems to be the fate for anyone, regardless of veteran status, who runs afoul of Johnny Law and his goons. Except, of course, themselves and their political friends.

In an attempt to end this rant, let me just say, this situation is fucked up. All of it. From the floor to the roof. Window to the wall.

There’s a ray of sunshine tho, a bit of hope amidst the doom and gloom. A linchpin if you will. Something that can unleash a flood of consciousness and the fuckfaces in DC know it.


Ricardo “Rico” Pereyda

The 1620 Legion

Tucson, Arizona

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