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New Jersey Reaping Benefits

New Jersey Reaping Benefits

Yet again, states that are dragging behind when it comes to making medicinal and recreational marijuana accessible, have caused neighboring states to flourish. While medicinal




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The next big things in cannabis industry

Upcoming events

The next big things in cannabis industry

The Rebirth of Psychedelics

The ascendance of wellness has uncovered many different healing modalities previously and prematurely buried by fearful

NFTs and cannabis

Cannabis and NFTs

As the cannabis industry grows and evolves, it only makes sense that cryptocurrency and

Packaging Trends for 2022

Packaging Trends for 2022

Packaging is one of the most significant costs faced in the cannabis industry. Complying


Weed (The Brand)

Great Weed at Reasonable Prices Without All the Extra Fluff What do you get

SENTINEL SHIFT: Talking Plant Medicine For Veterans with Operation EVAC

Plant Medicine For Veterans – Operation EVAC and Medicine Box

“Money isn’t the medicine.” – Alex De La Campa
Ryan Miller and Alex De La Campa of Operation EVAC (Education Veterans About Cannabis) joined Brian Chaplin, CEO and Founder at Medicine Box to share experiences and stories regarding plant medicine and veterans.


Legacy Cannabis Professionals – Part 1

Get to know “legacy” operators and their points of view, some anonymous, some public, regarding their experiences in the traditional, or legacy cannabis markets. This edition features Dustin Hoxworth (“DH”) of Atlanta, Georgia. Dustin’s shares his thoughts on corporate cannabis and stories about the highs and lows from the traditional market. He and his friend were robbed at gunpoint, and witnessed many of the harms of the war on drugs first and secondhand. Dustin’s father and much of his family were veterans who found relief from PTSD through using cannabis.


Veterans and Cannabis, The Battle Continues

Welcome to a Beard Bros Pharms exclusive interview with Native Veteran, a Native American and Veteran owned licensed Cannabis Cultivator in Grove, Oklahoma.
Caleb Neal, owner and head grower at Native Veteran, sat down to talk about cannabis, veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and cultivation methods at local dispensary Joe’s Herb Cabinet in Oklahoma City, OK.

Local Lawmakers Tasked with Tackling Everything From Cannabis to COVID-19 as Fed Failures Loom Large

We’re not going to pretend to be experts on respiratory diseases – especially ones that the respiratory disease experts apparently still know next to nothing about – but we do know a thing or two about cannabis so our fuse is burning pretty short with politicians from both parties who not only refuse to embrace or accept cannabis reform, but who continue to peddle lies in the hope of preventing it from happening.

Veterans Advocacy Groups Redefine the Term ‘Cannabis Influencer’

At the end of the day, what is influence, really?

By definition, it means to make someone consider a thought that they may not have considered otherwise.

Notice, there is no mention of coupon codes or sales or profits in that definition. So, perhaps our veteran advocates aren’t actually redefining the word influencer but reminding us of what it means to begin with.

Sean Worsley and the Catch-22 of Cannabis for Veterans

The story of Sean Worsley – a US Army vet now serving time in prison for possessing legally prescribed and obtained medical marijuana – is a tragic one. It is brought full circle in this tremendously powerful and personal take on the subject from Beard Bros. Pharms media contributor, US Army Iraq War veteran, and co-founder of Veterans Cannabis Coalition Eric Goepel.

Grow Your Own Cannabis Pt. 4: Indoor vs. Outdoor, Which Weed is Better?

We like to smoke indoor weed because we grow indoor weed. We learned to grow weed inside because where we come from, getting caught growing it would likely lead to a double-digit prison sentence and so it was easier to hide under a roof than under the sun. Odds are high that your first crop (or three) might not live up to your own level of expectations for Strength, Aroma/Appeal, Flavor, or Effect regardless of whether you decked out a grow room or reconnected with nature. It is a learning process. It is farming. It is work. It is worth it.

Ousted CEO of Cali Cannabis Lab Says New Investors are Cooking the Books to Woo New Money

In 2019, California cannabis testing lab Cannalysis was raking in investor capital, making headlines and rapidly expanding. While this may be a usable playbook in many other markets, it has proven to be a gamble when it comes to this particular industry and now the lawyers are involved. Cannabis lab testing is commonly considered to be pretty clean work, but these are some dirty allegations.

Grow Your Own Cannabis (Pt. 3): ‘Salt’ vs. ‘Organic’ for Your Indoor Home Grow

There is no feeling quite like sparking up a joint full of flowers you took from seed to sesh. We also know that our favorite indoor farmers are pretty much a 50/50 blend of ‘salt’ and ‘organic’ and once that weed is on the table, nobody is worried about where the NPK came from. Whichever method you choose, try to find a genetically strong cultivar, then learn its language harvest after harvest. Put in the work, never cut corners, and you will be rewarded with a gift that truly does keep on giving.


25 Years into a 40-60 Bid for a Nonviolent Cannabis Crime – Free Michael Thompson Now!

Now, more than ever, we need your help to set Michael Thompson free. We are asking that you call and request that the parole board and Governor Whitmer’s office expedite Thompson’s request for clemency. We cannot allow a cannabis sentence to become a death sentence for Michael. Make your voice heard and let’s FREE MICHAEL THOMPSON NOW!

The Pesticide Problem: Shining a Light on Some Shady California Cannabis Testing

The entire point of third-party lab testing is quality control. Any lab that can point to a full ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for all services that they offer demonstrates that their own level of quality control is on point. It demonstrates that even though the state doesn’t require them to employ sensible standard operating procedures, they take it upon themselves to do so anyway. That attention to detail will absolutely carry over to the accuracy of the test results of your product and if you do things right, that’s all you should ever ask a lab to provide.

One Trip to the Hardware Store & You Can Be Tripping on Homegrown Hallucinogens

Regardless of what that dude who your friend sort of knows might be charging for an 8th of “magic mushrooms”, you can realistically see yields of your own homegrown version that might cost you 50-100x on the street compared to what you spent in cultivation costs. Again, once re-sterilized, almost everything you invested in is being reused over and over saving you money, time, and peace of mind.

Enough is Enough – It’s Way Past Time to Free Luke Scarmazzo

A quick glance at Weedmaps shows over a dozen licensed cannabis dispensaries serving Modesto right now while Scarmazzo sits in prison for doing the same. Even if he did have the Feds press him these days, the sentencing would be much, much less harsh and the 12+ years he has already served would more than cover that.

STRAIN REVIEW: Polynesian Thin Mints Flower from Cannassentials

Beard Bros. Pharms guest contributor and Oregon’s own bearded wonder, the one and only Dick Fitts reports that the weed scene across the state is operating in full force and today he is back with another heady flower review. Let’s take a peek at what he’s been puffin’ on.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Grow Your Own Cannabis: Part 2

The initial investment is a smart one for you and for the environment. The money you save each month while you are growing will surely be welcomed by you, but will likely pale in comparison to how much money you will save by smoking weed you grew yourself instead of getting custied by someone who beat you to it. If five harvests of your own nuclear-grade homegrown every year sounds appealing to you, consider building your budget, and your grow, around the latest in LED lighting.

We’ve Used All the Top Weed Grinders, So How Do SLX Grinders Stack Up to the Rest?

SLX makes the claim that their innovative non-stick design features a high-grade non-toxic ceramic coating that never degrades, scratches, or chips from normal use. Even if you somehow managed to break some off into your herb, it is anti-flammable and will never burn, melt, or off-gas under your lighter flame. On the surface (pun absolutely intended!), that sounded like exactly what we were looking for. The catch was, and always is, we are going to give an HONEST review, whether the manufacturer likes it or not. To their credit, the crew at SLX accepted the challenge and here is what we learned.

For Those Seeking the Best Cannabis in Cali, Atrium in Woodland Hills Makes It Easy

Location, they say, is everything, and The Atrium is not only easy to find but its large parking lot and their current curbside pickup option makes it easy once you arrive. The whole point of the ‘cannabis dispensary’ is to make access and choice convenient for the customer and The Atrium is always a fun and easy trip into the valley for some fire.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Grow Your Own Weed (Pt. 1)

Obviously, these laws are subject to change and, obviously, Beard Bros. Pharms is NOT a legal adviser. Information contained in this website is intended as general educational information only. Let us know if you plan to harvest your own cannabis in 2020, and what the law looks like in your neck of the woods.

What Does the ‘New Normal’ Mean for Destination Dispensaries & How We Buy Our Weed?

Curbside cannabis sales are likely gaining in popularity for a lot of reasons, not the least of which being that most of us bought weed that way for a decade or more before we walked into our first dispensary. For every customer that is impressed with multiple digital flatscreen menus or wants or needs to be educated by a budtender, there are 10 more that just want what they want as quickly and as affordably as possible. The continued success of the “traditional” street market is a testament to that.

Cannabis Went from Lazy Stoners & Lockup to Essential Commerce Real Quick

Maybe I have too much time on my hands for thinking these days, and maybe the writer in me has too much appreciation for vocabulary, but every time I read or hear the word “essential” being tacked onto cannabis, I’m reminded of the famous line from the film The Princess Bride – “You keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Will We Eventually Have Psilocybin Dispensaries… Should We?

Something as natural as water has been branded and bottled for mass consumption for years but now in times of strife, the store shelves are empty and the stuff coming out of the tap is nasty. So before we package another part of nature maybe we ought to ask if we need to, or if we are even supposed to.

Compassion Never Left California Cannabis, In Fact it is Stronger Than Ever

While it is true that Prop 64 dictated that burdensome taxes still be applied even to cannabis produced specifically for compassionate donations, grassroots activists refused to take that as a final answer. Even though the state’s former governor, Jerry Brown, vetoed a bill on his way out the door in 2018 that would have eliminated these taxes on such products, tireless advocates persisted, and nearly identical legislation was signed by Gov. Newsom in 2019.

Trying to Appeal to Phantom ‘New Cannabis Users’ is Killing Marijuana Megabrands

Do not get it twisted, we aren’t saying that there is no such thing as a ‘new cannabis user’, or that they should be ignored by the market, but counting on them to carry this crippled industry is foolish. There need to be options and education for all consumers, but as we are seeing play out in real-time here in Cali, banking on the phantom new cannabis user is a surefire way to kill a new cannabis brand.

“They’ll Come Back with Their Cousins and Guns”: Racism in America’s Cannabis History and Why it Matters Today

Duck is back to talk about the elephant in the room. As he astutely points out in this much-needed piece, the roots of racism run deep in cannabis history, as they do in the history of soy, or corn, or other agricultural commodities. TOne big difference with weed, though, is that soy and corn busts didn’t upend communities of color for decades. The other big difference with weed is that WE have an opportunity to make right was has gone so wrong for so long.

A Brief 500,000 Year History of Our Relationship with Psilocybin Mushrooms

There are a lot of counterculture media outlets today, but we cannot think of another one that literally uses the founders’ faces as its logo the way we do here at Beard Bros. Pharms. As such, no matter where we go, we are instantly recognized in person as ‘those dudes that grow fire weed and deliver top-shelf cannabis news’.

This leads to daily conversations with our most engaged and informed peers about the topics currently shaping our culture and for many years, those conversations were centered on cannabis.

Lately, however, no matter where we go, the topic is turning more and more to a different plant medicine – psilocybin. The undeniable uptick in the public’s curiosity about this age-old, all-natural, ultimately safe & potentially healing mushroom-based therapy just so happens to coincide with a peaking of our own exploration into the subject and, so far, what we are learning is life-changing so we want to share it with you.

Study Uncovers Traces of Xanax in 72% of Blood Samples Yet We Still Have to Fight For Cannabis Rights

A study published late last year in the peer-reviewed Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis shockingly revealed that 72% of random blood samples tested by a research team from Oklahoma State University contained traces of Xanax. Now, admittedly, the sample size was small and limited in its scope as it was not the purpose of the research to shine a light on America’s pill problem… but there is a problem.

With Deep Roots in Cali’s Cannabis Culture, Circle Labs of Marin County Delivers High Grade Hemp Derived CBD

Too many people who may be able to find real benefits from legit CBD products are instead walking blindly into the market with no advice, no education, and no clue on how to separate the snake oil from the CBD. We have friends and family asking us all the time for recommendations specifically for hemp-derived CBD but we’ve never had any place to confidently point them… until now.

Regenerative farming.
Research-driven, quality-controlled manufacturing.
High-grade products that work.
Compassion based community outreach.

Jeez… is this a hemp CBD company or an old school cannabis company?

That’s the beautiful part, Circle Labs is both.

Nationwide Decline of THC Levels in Legal Weed Reveals a Tsunami of Boof on the Horizon

There is a flood coming and it is going to last way more than 40 days and 40 nights. Before you start filling sandbags and stockpiling canned goods, though, be aware that the flood we are talking about has nothing to do with water or the weather. No, we are talking about a flood of boofy midgrade weed cultivated on a massive scale by investor-backed BizCon bois who wouldn’t recognize cannabis culture if they tripped over it.

How Meme Culture Has Helped Shape Cannabis Culture in California & Beyond

Clearly, we here at Beard Bros. respect those that are willing to ride the edge to get a message across. Hell, that’s our SOP. The top meme makers in the game certainly don’t do it to make friends, and any one of them worth following is sure to make any one of us cringe from time to time, but that’s comedy. That’s the edge.

The Great California Cannabis Tax Scam Revealed

This shit is simple – as long as the state has even one weed dollar in their wallet and has yet to expunge EVERY SINGLE low-level cannabis crime from every resident’s record, they are the damn criminals. The way we see it, they are taxing the plant just enough to keep the vast majority of the industry short of financial freedom and to keep prices just high enough that the prohibitionists still in power can hang their hat on the false pretense of “deterrence”. The truth is, they can do without our billion dollars a year as long as no potheads make a million dollars a year.

Can Cannabis Cure Anxiety?

A new study just published in the scientific journal Neuron has found a demonstrable method of manipulating certain molecules naturally present in the human body (dully named 2-AG) in a manner that could allow them to ‘roadblock’ the neural highway along which a potential anxiety attack would travel to fruition. These 2-AG molecules interact with receptors in the human brain that we refer to as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), that essential network found within all of us that your family doctor has probably never heard of.

If only nature provided a plant that grows like a weed and is chock full of hundreds of ECS-conducive cannabinoids…

Cali’s Cannabis Laws Remain Vague Despite Dozens of Updates

The regulation and taxation of recreational adult-use cannabis in California has, by nearly all metrics, failed to live up to its potential so far. Instead, it almost instantly devolved into a breeding ground for political and police corruption, as well as a pit of quicksand for those hoping to cash in quick, and a frustrating clusterfuck for those of us who know damn well how to produce and sell high-quality cannabis if only the state would get out of the way.

Among the many systemic flaws of Prop 64 has been, from the jump, its vague language on crucial aspects of the new law, leaving room for wildly conflicting interpretations between the state, local municipalities, and applicants or licensees.

Reasons the Chads are gonna get Chazzed

I made a post the other week and it got quite the response. I wasn’t expecting so many people to react, but I guess I struck a nerve. For some, it was a bad zing like hitting your funny bone. Others said it was a jolt of inspiration. So I suppose it’s worth expounding upon my initial premise, which is that the Chads are screwed and the culture side of the cannabis industry is going to kick their ass. 

Weed Etiquette for the Holidays

The holidays can be full of highs and lows but if you’re like us, they’re always better with some cannabis. Join our worldly guest contributor Sharon Letts for some sage wisdom about how to balance your tolerance for both weed and family as we wind down the decade.

Big Government is Killing America’s Small Farms: A Cautionary Tale for Those Eager for Federal Cannabis ‘Legalization’

In 2016, there were more than 14,000 certified organic food farmers here in America, up a whopping 58% from 2011. California cannabis can follow this same model but the barriers to entering the industry must be lowered and the incentive to grow environmentally responsible, high quality, organic craft cannabis must be higher than it currently is. As for the rest of the country, we should really be careful what we wish for when we discuss federal cannabis legalization.

TALE OF THE TAPE: When it Comes to Cannabis, Oklahoma Continues to Sock it to California

Clearly, the unregulated market in California is draining the potential of the regulated one, but it is the very taxes and regulations that differentiate them that provide that unregulated market with such a distinct advantage.  We have no doubt that if we could get accurate totals on the unregulated cannabis sales in each state, Cali would shine as it should, but instead those stats stay in the shadows.

Cali Cannabis Regulators Respond to Industry & Consumer Demands for Tax Relief by… Raising Taxes

The state has done little or nothing to instill confidence in either the folks who have taken the enormous risk to enter the regulated market or the folks on the outside looking in. In a recent interview, California Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Lori Ajax admitted that there are no “short-term fixes” for the hamstrung industry. How do you fix something that becomes more broken by the day?

Reasons You Can Expect to See High Wholesale Prices on All Cali Cannabis Well into 2020

There are many reasons why we think that wholesale prices for cannabis will continue trending upward well into 2020. Is this a good thing? Well, that probably depends on who you ask. Growers making more money is a good thing. But what if it comes with higher risk as well? Consumers are already shunning dispensaries due to high retail prices, so those can’t really go higher to make up for the higher wholesale prices, which is cool but it could cut into the margins of the dispensaries. $100 wholesale pounds sound like a surefire way to keep any discerning cannabis consumer far, far away from any regulated outlet. Lower the taxes at all links along the supply chain and lower the costly barriers of entry that currently keep so many legacy operators from entering the industry and maybe, just maybe, Cali can begin to live up to its potential as the largest legal cannabis marketplace on the planet.

How to Get a Job in the Legal Cannabis Industry… If You Dare!

With a 44% increase in the weed workforce between 2018-2019, legal cannabis is by far the fastest-growing job sector in the U.S. These numbers will only get higher in coming years as more Americans look to do the same. As Bushwick Bill from Death Row taught us: There are three types of people in the world; those who don’t know what happened, those who won’t know what happened, and people like us from the streets that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN… which one are you?

The Greatest Athletes of All Time Were Smoking Cannabis The Entire Time

With cannabis reform sweeping the nation we are beginning to see more and more famous retired athletes begin to speak out about the many benefits of the plant. There are plenty of examples, though, of top tier athletes using cannabis during the height of their careers, including some who are considered to be the Greatest Of All Time in their particular sport. Clearly it’s time for professional sports leagues and organizations from the PGA to the UFC to stop penalizing high-level athletes who choose to legally consume cannabis.

National Safety Council Drops Bomb on Cannabis Advocacy Efforts, Advises Employers to Discriminate Against Law Abiding Americans

According to a survey conducted earlier this year by the National Safety Council, they claim that 81% of employers have concerns about the negative impact of cannabis use in their workplace. Good news! Here’s your simple solution. Judge the employee on their punctuality and work ethic, their ability to complete the task at hand, and their compliance with company policies – PERIOD.

California Cannabis Laws Continue to Evolve – Full 2019 Legislative Update

Governor Newsom took office riding a wave of support from cannabis consumers convinced that he would make right what Prop 64 got so terribly wrong. His track record on the issue has not been perfect so far, but this week’s flurry of signatures on successful cannabis legislation should show that the fight is not over yet and although he may not be the most reliable ally, he is certainly not the enemy. The battle begins anew the second week of January with the state’s next legislative session.

STRAIN REVIEW: White Tahoe Cookies from Emerald Frost

Emerald Frost is the epitome of the small-batch high-quality Oregon cannabis cultivator, known for kicking out consistent crops of some of the state’s finest flowers. Dick Fitts is the epitome of the impassioned cannabis lover/reviewer who kicks out a consistently dank take on the very best that Oregon has to offer. Get the full scoop from seed to smoke only at Beard Bros. Pharms!

With Deep Roots in a Desert Oasis PRIMORDIA LLC is Poised to Put Southern California Hemp Production on the Map

We were somewhere around Brawley on the edge of the Anza-Borrego desert when we hit the GPS coordinates we had been given by our contacts. After a brief greeting, they motioned toward what appeared to be a real life oasis in the distance, a glimmering emerald gem throbbing in the rising heat of the extended summer we enjoyed in Southern California. We followed them down a winding dirt track, our tires digging into the desert sand, happy to be riding in a 4×4 pickup truck. Our escorts wove us through security checkpoints and thousands of acres of varying forms of perfectly partitioned agriculture on route to our ultimate destination. A seemingly endless forest of 10-15ft tall flowering hemp plants awaited our arrival…

Cannabis Regulators in Massachusetts Approve Social Consumption and Home Delivery… with a Catch

Massachusetts has the rare distinction of being the first state to ban cannabis back in 1911 as well as being the first state on the eastern seaboard to create a legal recreational cannabis market. It may have taken them over a century to come around but they are predicted to haul in up to a half a billion in cannabis sales this year. It is certainly no pipe dream to figure on that number doubling once home delivery and social consumption become a reality. By 2021 cannabis sales in the state are predicted to account for 6.7% of TOTAL cannabis sales in the U.S. Yeah, boy… Beard Bros. Boston has a pretty sweet ring to it and we definitely know a thing or two about growing green monstahs!

Have We Reached Peak Stupidity on the Vaping “Crisis” Yet? Here’s What We Think & What We Know

For years, vape lovers were blowing dragon-like clouds, dabbers were dropping 1g globs on red hot nails, and pre-filled THC-rich vape carts rapidly outpaced all other forms of consumption especially among people new to cannabis. No epidemics, no press conferences, and no mysterious illnesses or deaths. So why now? It’s pretty remarkable that with a decade or more of public guinea pigging of these mostly self-regulated products, all of this headline-grabbing drama has gone down in the matter of less than a month.

Making the Case for the Wake and Bake

How do you define the term “Wake and Bake”? To me, a person woke and boke if they partook in a substantial amount of marijuana before they took on their first major task for the day. I feel that leaves room for the countless situations that us weed lovers may find ourselves in each morning. But if you ask 20 million people, you might get 20 million answers! One thing we can all agree on, however, is that the Reefer Madness rhetoric surrounding the art of the wake and bake is tired and needs to be put to rest once and for all. Start your day with this ode to the ritual as we make the case for the old fashioned wake n’ bake

STRAIN REVIEW: Silver Hawk Flower from Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena is an award-winning Oregon cannabis cultivator of organically-grown flower that offers a consistently beautiful, clean, effective, and delicious experience. Dick Fitts is an ebullient cannabis reviewer who offers a consistently unique, high-larious, and informative take on the top shelf options that Oregon has to offer. Find a comfortable seat, somebody gave our boy a nuclear-grade Sativa and Dick Fitts goes full Dick Fitts in this one!

HIGH HISTORY: Hashing Out the Origins of Rosin Tech

Solventless Hash Oil – aka Rosin – has been something that avid hash makers have dabbled with for years but it wasn’t until recent years that terp hunters took the tech to the next level. What is cannabis rosin? How did it originate? And what will the future hold for it? These questions and more are answered in this installment of Beard Bros. High History: Hashing Out the Origins of Rosin Tech

STRAIN REVIEW: White Russian Flower from High Noon Cultivation

Daaaamn, Dick Fitts! Back at it again with the White Russian review! Join our intrepid Oregonian cannasseur for his first Beard Bros. Strain Review showcasing some stunning nugs from one of the PNWs finest cultivators – High Noon Cult. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this peek at this old school cross of (White Widow x AK-47)

How to Support H.R. 3884 – The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019

We are calling on everyone in our vast network who shares our commitment to equal access, social equity, and working to make right what has been so wrong for so long. Our loud support for the MORE Act can begin to correct the historical and continued injustices concerning our cannabis laws that have disproportionately impacted cannabis consumers, forgotten communities, and particularly, people of color.

The U.S. Will Not Legalize Cannabis Anytime Soon… Unless…

There are dozens of valid reasons why we need to legalize cannabis federally. We are proud to know and support some of the most influential cannabis advocates who are fighting every day to make sure that those reasons get satisfied by an eventual, inevitable effort to legalize weed nationwide. Rushing that process now, after so much time and effort has been put into it, could be catastrophic for the cannabis culture as we know it. The last thing we need is a 50-state version of Prop 64. . . or worse.

Humboldt Medicine Pt. 1 – Lawrence Ringo, Father of CBD

Join us for this multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for her first-hand insight from days gone by in the Emerald Triangle in Northern California. Part 1 looks at the life and legacy of Lawrence Ringo, the man behind many of the CBD-rich cultivars in circulation today.

All Cannabis Legalization Efforts Must Include Continuing Education for Dumbass Cops

Perhaps a new plank to add to cannabis reform moving forward is mandatory continuing education for law enforcement about the cannabis plant itself, the actual research behind it, and of course the local laws that govern it. The thin blue line between ignorance and corruption is not sustainable in a society moving so rapidly toward total cannabis reform.

Pot Prohibitionists Have Set Their Sights on Motorists’ Rights

The truth is, there is no simple answer for this issue but it really is not as big of a problem as the average American thinks it is. We do know that the answer is not more arrests. It is still just about a plant and some freedom and even in the midst of historic cannabis reform from coast to coast, our country still averages one weed arrest every 48 seconds.  A vicious cycle that is certainly not in line with the inevitable future of cannabis in this country. But cops don’t care about yesterday or tomorrow, only who they can nail right now, and right now cannabis users are still not safe.

Cannabis Infused Pet Treats are Likely Heading for Mainstream California Retailers in 2020

There is really not much to say in opposition to SB 627 if you are an advocate of cannabis and its many healing capabilities. . . BUT, the amount of support that a bill like this can generate among our lawmakers to protect and empower the veterinarians in our society while those same politicians continue to neglect and discourage that same safe access to cannabis for the military veterans in our society is unacceptable. The fact that a 21 year old will be able to walk into a pet store and purchase THC-infused treats for a pet but a 21-year old military vet is not afforded those same rights for their own well-being is embarrassing.

Why America Arrests More People for Cannabis Possession Each Year Than for All Violent Crimes COMBINED

Though we are on an inevitable course toward nationwide cannabis legalization, what will it look like? Will we still find ways to arrest hundreds of thousands of people each year for it? Will we still see National Guard helicopters thundering through the most rural regions of the Emerald Triangle? The sad truth is, as long as these capitalist companies are able to pour millions of dollars into national politics each year just by foraging the spare change out of their sofas, we are bound to see dimebag busts continue to be about as far as most cops are willing to go to protect and serve.

THC Testing is Bullshit and You’re Getting Screwed

A warm Beard Bros. Pharms welcome to our new contributor, Oregon’s own Dick Fitts. If you are not familiar with this dude’s background well just … ok maybe don’t google that name but let’s just say this multi-talented fella has been around the plant for quite some time and he certainly knows a thing or two about a thing or two. We are stoked he is down to share his personal insights with all of us with a unique edge and a passion for cannabis that we can definitely relate to. We’re sure you’ll enjoy his style as much as we do.

Revisiting AB 228: The Good, the Bad, the Reality… and the Need for Qualified Independent Lab Testing of Hemp Derived CBD Products

We do not support or endorse the entirety of the language in AB 228 but if that is the direction the market is going then the compliance standards that cannabis companies are being held to must be imposed on hemp brands as well. If hemp-derived CBD brands want to jump in these shark-infested waters, they should have to swim for shore or drown just like the rest of us.  

Canada’s Cannabis Culture is Following California’s Crash Course

As Canada’s cannabis industry comes down off an eight month high, it will be interesting to see if they continue to import California’s culture-killing business model as their national market expands and our regional one waits for Washington D.C. to wake up.

The VA will Continue to Fail our Vets on Suicide Prevention, This Past Week Proved It

Yesterday was National PTSD Awareness Day. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder afflicts millions of our nation’s veterans on a scale ranging from mildly annoying to mentally debilitating and undoubtedly plays a role in too many of these suicides. June 27th is one day set aside to recognize this condition that affects not only our veterans, but so many Americans, and a day to “check in” on a friend or family member who may be dealing with PTSD. But our call to action today is to ask that you recognize that PTSD, depression, and substance abuse are very real everyday battles that our vets must face and that it’s always a good time for a buddy check.

Remembering Mickey Martin: His Voice May Be Gone But the Connections Live On

From coast to coast, Mickey brought people together. . . but not just anyone. His Bullshit Detector was always perfectly calibrated and gaining his trust wasn’t easy. Once you did though, you gained entry into a truly grassroots network of up and coming colleagues as well as some of the oldest and most respected names in the game. You can read about all of his accomplishments and his disappointments – he had his share of both – but the bottom line is that Mickey Martin connected good people, he helped good people. We miss him so much.

The Blessing & the Curse of Cannabis: Cancer Docs Scared to Talk Pot

Cannabis, in its natural form, is a very unique medicine. It can effectively treat so many ailments, but those effects vary greatly from user to user. This is its blessing and its curse. Anecdotal evidence traditionally does not carry a lot of weight in the field of research medicine but it is essential in the understanding of cannabis and how it affects people. By hearing enough stories, and by treating those stories as “cases”, bigger picture extrapolations can occur which could potentially help doctors to gain a broader knowledge of the plant and how it can be optimally used to heal.

California Cannabis Market Will Remain Weak Without Substantially More Retail Cannabis Dispensaries

Nobody on our crew voted for Prop 64 but unless it is somehow repealed and replaced it is the flawed law of the land. Our windows of opportunity to effect real change are so narrow and when we miss them, months go by before they reopen. It is imperative that we keep the pressure on our elected officials at all levels of government so that we can take advantage of our next opportunity to correct this law. We have the overwhelming will of the people on our side – will you add your voice to the cause?

FACT OR FICTION: Can Cannabis Cure PTSD?

For me, PTSD is one of a handful of issues that I treat with cannabis. I look forward to the day that I can say I am “cured”, and I have no doubt that this plant has me on that path.

Reflections: Memorial Day 2019

Whatever else war and military service means, they are conscious choices made by millions of people. We can choose peace. We can choose compassion. We can choose truth. Memorial Day is as good a day as any to rejoin the fight for a better future and reject endless war and all the ill it brings into our world. All we have are our choices.

The Right Hook: Major Sports Leagues Begin to Reevaluate Cannabis as Medicine

Of the 123 professional sports teams across the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB, 45 of them (or 36.6% of them) are based in states or provinces where recreational cannabis is legal for consumption by adults aged 21 and up. On top of that, 56 of them (or 45.5% of them) have home court/field/ice advantage in states or provinces where medical use of cannabis is legal. Don’t worry, we did the math – that’s 102 out of 123 teams, or a heavily lopsided 82% of sports teams from those four leagues. There are only six states remaining that have a pro team but do not have progressive cannabis reform in place – Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. That sure adds a new twist to draft day.

Cancer vs. Cannabis: A Ringside Seat

We have written over 150,000 words in the past year telling other people’s stories but this time around we hit a little closer to home. This is your ringside seat for a life or death prizefight between our Media Director here at Beard Bros. Pharms and a 6” x 6” x 2” tumor dubbed “The Malignant Porkchop”.

Why is the NAACP No Longer a Reliable Ally in the Fight for Cannabis Reform?

I went into this article pretty set in my opinion and pretty frustrated by the about-face pulled by the NAACP here in the 11th hour of cannabis reform. But deeper research and some forced perspective have opened my eyes a bit wider to the fact that true social justice reform is a full-spectrum challenge.

Twenty Bong Hits : Emotional Issues & Cannabis

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this highly relatable tale from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

Two Dollar Pre-Rolls & Pike Caviar: Something for Everyone at Hall of Flowers 2019

Living up to its name, the vast majority of the vendors at the Hall of Flowers show were there to push cannabis and cannabis-infused goods. There has been some critique online already about the quality of the buds on display but we found it to be a pretty damn accurate depiction of the legal market as it stands today – some absolute fire in a sea of midgrade, mass produced boof. The fact of the matter is that if they limited the show to only companies providing 5-star weed on the legal market, they could hold it in a walk-in closet. Instead, what we saw were a lot of well-funded startups trying their hardest to keep their heads above water while also trying to appear equal parts authentic and confident. Many of them will figure it out, some will not. . . that’s business.

Where is the NRA in the Fight for the 2A Rights of Cannabis Consumers?

It is estimated that approximately 50 million Americans own at least one gun. Coincidentally, roughly that many Americans admit to having smoked some pot in the past year. To pretend that these two major political and social phenomena are unrelated is short-sighted but we know that the NRA likes to play the long game so we are left wondering why our rights matter less to them than any other sector of society. The NRA did not respond to our multiple requests for more information on their stance but did, in turn, send us multiple requests to become paying members. Groucho Marx once famously said, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.” Well, I sure as hell don’t want to join one that doesn’t accept me or my lifestyle.

Beard Bros. Throwback: The Real History of 420 Is Still Being Written

The truth is, the history behind 4/20 is still pretty hazy and it is still being written today as we collectively continue to break new barriers with our advocacy of this plant. A year ago we dove into the lore behind the 20th of April at 20 minutes after 4 and got to the bottom of the myths… sort of… Check it out here and leave us a comment about what 4/20 means to you

STRAIN REVIEW: Kosher Kush Caviar from Pharmers Manufacturing

Reviewing nuclear-grade cannabis concentrates isn’t easy but it sure is fun! Tune in to the latest Strain Review from Beard Bros. Pharms to see if we can make it to the end of these Kosher Kush Caviar dabs from our buds at Pharmers Manufacturing without passing out in a euphoric haze.

Veterans Cannabis Coalition to Unveil ‘Cannabis Bill of Rights’ in Nation’s Capital This Weekend

Eric Goepel along with colleagues from Veterans Cannabis Coalition and other veteran-led advocacy groups will hold a panel discussion in the heart of democracy to elaborate on what cannabis legalization means for important issues like the veteran suicide crisis, the opioid epidemic, and more at the RFK Festival Grounds for a 4/20 celebration at the 4th Annual National Cannabis Festival, in Washington, D.C. Goepel will speak from 3:30 – 4:15pm on Saturday, April 20th and will also unveil the Bill of Cannabis Rights that we’ve broken down for you here.

Are you Ready for War? Ask What You’re Fighting For

Beard Bros. Pharms will always give our nation’s veterans a platform to discuss the issues that matter the most to them. Here is the latest from our close friend, co-founder and CEO of Veterans Cannabis Coalition, Eric Goepel who employs his unique perspective and experience as a soldier and an advocate to drop some deep knowledge and insight that you will not want to miss.

Are We Allowed To Talk About This?

Beard Bros. Media is proud to present the compelling story of Joy Craig, a 23-year retired Marine veteran who currently works as the Community Outreach Officer at Vetsleaf, a veteran-owned cannabis company in Desert Hot Springs. Join us as she recounts her own discovery of cannabis in a personal reflection of what the plant has meant for this dedicated advocate.

Cultivating Authenticity with Rebel Grown

“Hey man, I know I can grow great organic herb, and that’s great, but so can a lot of people,” admits Dan from Rebel Grown Seeds, “but what I do have is so much passion, and enthusiasm to make it that much more exciting for the consumer and they can believe in the pride and the effort that my community has put in way before I even got there. So companies like The Emerald Cup need to exist because they don’t just support themselves and their families, they support their communities and their neighborhoods and the other farms there and the ideals that have always been there.”

Is Your Cannabis Testing Lab Fully Accredited? It Matters.

Zach Eisenberg of Anresco Laboratories tells us, “Accreditation will not completely eliminate lab variability or bad actors, but it will help.  The result should be more meaningful test results and subsequently safer products, which will benefit both consumers and the industry as a whole.” Now those are the results we’ve been waiting for.

Taxed to Death: Follow One Gram of Weed along California’s Twisted Path from Seed to Sale

The hopes, dreams, and life savings of many of the people who helped to put California cannabis on the map are being taxed to death. The cynical side of us thinks that maybe that is by design. After all, one way or another supply will meet demand and it’s easier for the state to oversee several hundred licensees rather than several thousand. But when you see the drastically lower-than-predicted sales revenues after one year of legal weed in the 5th largest economy in the world, you have to figure that money-loving politicians would do the math we have and make some changes – and some are trying. Occam’s razor tells us that the actual answer is usually the simplest one and that is they likely just got too greedy at all of our expense.

STRAIN REVIEW: Kosher Kush Flower from Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance

From Area 51, to Black Jack, to Combat Cookies, to their delicious OG crosses, you are sure to find an SCVA strain that works for you.  Whether you are blazing new trails or looking to get a good night’s sleep, Kosher Kush from Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance ought to be high on your list of strains to try.

Educated Stoner Pt. 9: Cannabis & Pain – Soothing a Soft Society

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for the grand finale in this highly potent and informative multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

Seshin’ With Nikki & Swami: A Cannabis Love Story

Nikki and Swami’s passion for cannabis has taken them all over the world – putting smoke in the air from India, to Nepal, to Thailand, to Israel, and beyond – but they call the Emerald Triangle their true home and the Emerald Cup their true love.

Educated Stoner Pt. 8: Healing From Within

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

“Congress is Owned by Pharma” Says Key FDA Advisor

The time to address this crisis is long overdue. The lawsuits naming and shaming the architects of this deadly epidemic are making headlines, finally, but Doc Brown sums it up best, “If we don’t change the regulatory process for opioids, it will happen again.”

Culture From Chaos: Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery Talks Authenticity and Legacy

Beard Bros. Pharms & Beard Bros. Media are proud to announce a joint collab straight from the grassroots of the cannabis culture with our friends at the Emerald Cup – this new media partnership will take both of our brands to a worldwide level with a fresh and authentic perspective currently lacking in counter culture coverage.

Educated Stoner Pt. 7: Calming the ‘Crazy Bitch’

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

“Corruption, Cronyism, Political Maneuvering”: Shocking Nobody, Pay to Play Schemes Uncovered at the Root of Cali’s Struggling Cannabis Market

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised – kickbacks, bribes, and pay-to-play schemes form the tattered fabric of our political system so why would legal cannabis be any different? Prop 64 gave undue power to local yokels and corrupt city officials who are now blaming the state for giving them so much rope to hang themselves with. But in the meantime, it is the legit, law-abiding, fee-paying, cannabis industry hopefuls who are left swinging in the breeze.

Exploring the Roots of the Cannabis Culture with Mean Gene of Freeborn Selections

Mean Gene with Freeborn Selections is one of the most highly regarded breeders in the cannabis scene. For over 20 years he has been building his knowledge base of the plant and spreading that experience far and wide by way of his distinguished catalog of exclusive strains. A Mendocino native and a longtime participant and supporter of the Emerald Cup, Mean Gene was cool enough to link up with us here at Beard Bros. Pharms to swap some stories and tell us about his come up.

The Importance of Lab Testing: Vape Carts Finally Being Held to a Higher Standard

Whether or not you prefer to use them yourself, the rise of the pre-filled vape cart as a prominent method of cannabis consumption is inevitable. With vape pens in general under such heavy scrutiny by the federal government these days, the cannabis industry can further separate itself from actual drugs like nicotine by setting, and living up to, a higher standard.

Hemp Derived CBD is Everywhere but Where is it Coming From?

At Beard Bros. Pharms we fully appreciate the need for and the benefits of CBD. We also prefer to see it as part of a true full spectrum medicine but we realize that we are still a few steps away from seeing that sort of medicine being sold legally nationwide. Our biggest concern with the current hemp-derived CBD marketplace is the stunning lack of regulation that has been put in place before and since the sudden passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Now, take a screenshot because you will not see us asking for more regulations very often! While we do not agree with how the state of California has rushed to implement mandated lab testing on legal cannabis products, we still see the absolute need for such testing, and the same goes for other controversial programs such as track & trace. You have to have programs like these, in some shape or form, in order to provide a level playing field for cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers and a safe marketplace for consumers.

Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance Continues the Mission of Compassion in California

With the well-being of our nation’s veterans in mind, one of the groups that has helped to take point on the task of providing safe access to free meds for vets in California is the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA), a self-funded, vertically-integrated, and highly compassionate yet down-to-earth cannabis company and advocacy group in Northern California. With roots that run deep into the culture of Prop215, SCVA has weathered the storms of regulation better than many and now they vow to continue the mission for compassion.

Educated Stoner Pt. 5: Cannabis & Cancer – Take Five Leaves and Pray

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

Putting Your Lab to the Test: Lessons Learned From California Cannabis Testing

California cannabis growers, extractors, processors, and retailers have been lab testing their products for potency and purity for at least the past decade, dating back well before Prop 64 and the implementation of recreational marijuana legalization in the state. For those with established relationships with professionally run testing facilities, these early years of practical analysis helped them to hone their craft and refine the quality of their products, giving them a very useful headstart once the industry did evolve.

People Before Profit: A Quest to Keep Cannabis Compassionate

Who will speak for the dead? Who will stand for those who cannot? We all must. We have come to understand that meaning lies in service to others, fighting for the good of all. We can think of no greater service to the people of this country and the world than helping to end cannabis prohibition in the United States.

Educated Stoner Pt. 4: Cannabis & Cancer – The Blame Game

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

California Ranks Worst in Nation in Student vs. Prisoner Spending, Pledges $200M+ to Put More People in Jail for Weed

It can be incredibly frustrating to fight for legalization, then be handed this. . . to fight for expungement and justice reform only to see war-trained troops assigned to kick down doors. . . but we must fight. This plant, once truly embraced, will drop that embarrassing incarceration rate and will kick in tax revenues to our starving schools and that is an investment worth fighting for.

Actual National Emergency: 15,600+ Active Duty and Retired U.S. Servicemembers Have Taken Their Own Lives Since Trump Took Office

In the Rose Garden of the White House last week, the President of the United States of America concluded his press conference with words that will no doubt live on to define his time in office. “I didn’t need to do this,” Trump blurted out loud regarding his wholly fabricated national emergency, “but I’d rather do it much faster.” Now, the opioid epidemic and the depressing amount of military suicides that our country is facing did not begin under Trump, but we know of an actual national emergency – one that would not cost the taxpayers billions of dollars to solve – that could certainly end under him if he could pull himself away from Twitter for a while to get some work done for our vets.

Freshman Congresswoman Exposes Cannabis Industry’s Dubious D.C. Tactics

We understand the way the game is played. We realize that with the way that our version of democracy currently functions, lobbying is a necessary tool. At Beard Bros. Pharms we are actively seeking opportunities to allow us to lobby state and national politicians on behalf of the cannabis culture as much as the cannabis industry. We feel that our grassroots approach, rooted in the struggle of advocacy and reform and fed with years of acquired knowledge could yield a highly beneficial future for society when it comes to cannabis.

SAFE HARBOR ACT 2019: New Legislation Looks to Provide Much Needed Reform for Vets

Beard Bros. Media Guest Contributor Eric Goepel of the Veterans Cannabis Coalition takes a hard look at a much-needed piece of legislation being considered in the nation’s capital right now – The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act of 2019. Our vets are suffering and potential relief from medical marijuana use is being unfairly withheld from them even though legalization is sweeping the nation. Instead of thanking a veteran for their service, tell them you’re voting for candidates who support cannabis reform. Instead of buying a service member a meal, tell them you’re pushing your member of Congress to make CBD available to troops in the field. Instead of standing back and letting apathy and cynicism poison your outlook, take positive action.

Educated Stoner Pt. 3: Cannabis & Cancer – Chemical Culprits

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

Why Cannabis Packaging Needs More Sustainable Solutions

As we enter the post-Prop64 marketplace in our role as a distributor, Beard Bros. Pharms has taken a special interest in this issue as we strive to do better and to help steer the cannabis industry back toward the cannabis culture.

The cannabis culture doesn’t want to make a 10 minute unboxing video to reveal an 8th of midzotics.

The cannabis culture doesn’t want to continue to contribute to trashing our planet for the sake of convenience or hype design.

Another thing the cannabis culture has no interest in is $70 8ths of herb, no matter how good it is, and while ridiculous amounts of packaging are not totally to blame for the high prices found on many shiny boxes of legal weed, it sure isn’t helping.

The Cannabis Trailblazers Series: Veterans Walk & Talk – Anywhere is walking distance if you have the time. . . and some weed

Consistency, Colin says, is everything. Showing up. . . it’s everything. However, he warns his fellow vets not to overextend themselves, not to set themselves up for failure. Instead, he recommends starting small with your personal goals and taking it all one step at a time. If you want to take those steps in the company of your fellow vets who have blazed the trail before you, be sure to check out this in-depth profile and then follow @veteranswalkandtalk on Instagram and visit their website at — We’ll see you on the trail!

Building a Fire: How Will We End Cannabis Prohibition?

Instead of thanking a veteran for their service, tell them you’re voting for candidates who support cannabis reform. Instead of buying a service member a meal, tell them you’re pushing your member of Congress to make CBD available to troops in the field. Instead of standing back and letting apathy and cynicism poison your outlook, take positive action.

Educated Stoner Pt. 2 – High Art: Cannabis & Muse

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

#TEAMCANNABIS4EPILEPSY: Battling Epilepsy & the Negative Stigma Around Cannabis One Step at a Time

In reality, we are just scratching the surface of the healing properties of not only CBD, but THC and the wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes that occur naturally in the cannabis plant in varying ratios depending on the strain of the plant used for the extraction, and on the extraction method itself. Decades of federal prohibition have ironically and ignorantly stunted our institutional scientific knowledge of cannabis even as one state after another passes medical marijuana laws right under the nose of the feds. Instead, the rise in popularity of cannabis and cannabis oils and extracts as medicine had been fueled mostly by anecdotal evidence for years as patients and their families found relief for their ailments outside of the medical system.

CARERS Act of 2019 — An In-Depth Look at this Long Overdue Legislation

So far, the same Washington politicians who drape themselves in the flag and hide behind the soldiers anytime their motives get challenged have repeatedly failed to pass sensible laws to give our vets the same rights afforded to civilians in the 33 states and counting that have legalized the medical use of cannabis. Gridlock in D.C. has ground every recent effort to a frustrating halt. Now, however, with a newly seated Democratic Congress in power in the nation’s capital, hopes are once again high that our vets will not be left behind in the war against cannabis prohibition. Learn more in this installment from guest author Eric Goepel of Veterans Cannabis Coalition

Rylie’s Smile: How a Young Girl is Educating for the Greater Good

Don’t let that sweet smile fool ya – Rylie is a fighter and we sure are glad that she’s on our side of the fight! Rylie’s story is one of strength, perseverance, courage, and love, and the best part is. . . it is just getting started. We are proud to help tell it with our good friend and guest author, Sharon Letts

Better Late Than Never: New Legislation Looks to Rewrite Cali’s History with Hemp

In December of 2018, just before the completely avoidable federal government shutdown began, Republican Senator (and undercover Sleestak, probably) Mitch McConnell famously signed the 2018 Farm Bill with a pen made out of hemp, sending it to President Trump for his final signature that would mark one of the few victories for his Adderall-addled administration.

Will ‘Track & Trace’ Be the Cure for California’s Crippled Cannabis Market?

Washington state is already on its second stab at a track and trace program and in Oregon, the seed to sale system says that they have a million unsold pounds of pot, roughly enough for 4 free ounces for each of the state’s 4 million residents. Four million residents, eh? 3 mill or so in Nevada. 5.6 mill in Colorado. 7.4 mill in Washington. Well, we’ve got 40 million in California so any problems that these smaller markets have experienced could be scaled up greatly once the experiment is fully underway here. Hell, harking back to our dude Mickey one more time, there are more people in Los Angeles County alone (10.16 million) than there are in 42 states in this country…Cali is a different beast.

Educated Stoner Pt. 1 – My Journey: A Life Gone to Pot

We all seem to take a different path of discovery when it comes to our own personal relationship with cannabis. Join us for this multipart series from globetrotting cannabis advocate and guest contributor Sharon Letts for an intimate look at her own journey with this healing wonder.

Costs of Lifesaving Drugs Rising Faster than Inflation, Americans are More Likely to Die from an Opioid Overdose than a Car Crash …and Cannabis is Still Illegal

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, THC, and the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant can alleviate many of the same ailments being treated with these mind numbing, highly addictive, and deadly synthetic pills. The difference is, one of them you can grow in a closet, garage, or backyard and that has Big Pharma racing to cash in on victims while our complicit federal government continues to fail us on cannabis reform.

Reluctant Arkansas State Officials Can No Longer Ignore Neighboring Cannabis Success Stories

We’d all like to believe that it is the very real medicinal benefits that cannabis can deliver that’s causing this ideological shift at the top levels of our government, but let’s face it, money talks. As depressing as that may sound, it is still driving real reform across the country and that is a net positive. It should also remind the cannabis movement that we are in a highly influential position.

Represent Cannabis

Beard Bros. Media welcomes guest author Eric Goepel, the founder and CEO of the Veterans Cannabis Coalition and an Army veteran of the Iraq War. In this first installment, Goepel and the VCC spell out the case for legal cannabis for veterans, active duty soldiers, and everyone else who can benefit from this healing plant.

GW Pharma Denied Blanket Patent on Treating Epilepsy with Cannabinoids

Science has begun to accurately map the genome of cannabis and as exciting as that is, it also opens the door to the potential for smothering monopolies and corporate influence the likes of which our culture and this industry are just now starting to witness. So we fight back and celebrate small victories.

Are Cannabis Vending Machines the Wave of the Future?

Once everyone from the growers, to the processors, to the distributors, to the labs, to the taxmen, to the state itself get their slice, recreational cannabis consumers in Cali are staring down the barrel of $70+ eighths of legal bud, and so, the black market continues to thrive. At all of those stages listed above, technology and automation are providing the answers and efficiency to keep them profitable in today’s movement, so why wouldn’t we think that retail would follow suit?

As the Sun Sets on MMJ in the Wild West, the Villain May Not Be Who You Thought

When Californians passed Prop 64 in November of 2016, not only did they legalize the adult recreational use (and production and sale) of cannabis, but they dug the grave for MMJ in the Golden State. 
The thing is, medical was already dead and laid in the coffin by then and it wasn’t Prop 64 that killed it… 

Pacific Expeditors is Distributing More than Just Cannabis

PacEx shares a common vision with The Emerald Cup in promoting the value of a natural, organic product created by someone with a tangible craft skill. As we witness massive alcohol and tobacco producers retreat from decades of lucrative production and sprint headfirst toward the cannabis industry, it is reassuring to remember that while Budweiser is struggling, Stone Brewing is not. Preserving the history of cannabis, according to Pacific Expeditors, is the key to its future.  

Clearing the Haze: Does the 2018 Farm Bill Legalize CBD in all 50 States or Not?

There are many beneficial uses for hemp, but these days most of the headlines swirl around CBD, the non-psychoactive healing cannabinoid that can be bred in relative abundance in hemp plants. In the wake of the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill we have seen conflicting news stories about just what this new law will mean for the highly popular cannabinoid, particularly on a nationwide scale. So what about hemp-derived CBD, now that hemp cultivation will be legal?

The Emerald Cup is a Flavorful Hybrid of Cannabis Past, Present, and Future

No matter where they plant their flag in the future, you can be confident that the deeply organic feel associated with the steady rise of the Emerald Cup will always be present as Tim and Taylor Blake continue to cultivate this communal celebration for years to come. At Beard Bros. Pharms we highly recommend The Emerald Cup and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Cali Cannabis Lab Testing Challenges the Integrity of the Industry

Until their technology advances enough to close these gaps in accuracy, or the state loosens the law enough to account for those gaps, testing labs may need to meet their customers in the middle in order to protect the small to midsize producers at the essential grassroots of this potentially lucrative and efficient market.

What is Water Soluble Cannabis & What Will it Mean for the Mainstream?

Until some major investments earlier this year, one virtually untapped sector of the edibles market had been in CBD and THC infused beverages which experts predict will flood over $600 million into the U.S. economy annually by the year 2022. If those numbers come to fruition, cannabis-based beverages will make up 20% of the edibles market over the course of the next four years. But if a company called Sproutly has its way, those numbers might end up being just a drop in the bucket.

Oklahoma’s Rapid Reform Points Out California’s Cannabis Complexity

There are currently too many barriers to entering the legal cannabis industry in California and hopefully many of them will be eased or eliminated when the agencies overseeing the state’s legal weed finalize their regulations sometime next month. That will mark more than two years since Californians passed Prop 64 and will be the first time that we truly know what the legal landscape will look like.

5 Things We Must Demand From Any Future Cannabis Legalization Measures

80% of the country is still dealing with a patchwork of unique medical marijuana laws or outright cannabis prohibition. As these states look to the future, with the benefit of watching those that blazed the trail before them, there are some fundamental planks that we believe must form the foundation for any effective and thorough cannabis reform.

State Inspection Reveals Cali Cannabis Lab Has Been Faking Test Results for Months

Growers and manufacturers spend even more time and money doing preliminary R&D product testing hoping to identify and eliminate any issues before the crucial final compliance testing. But what good does that do if every lab is using different equipment, following different operating procedures, and in some cases, just outright faking the results?

FACTS vs. FICTION: Can Cannabis Use Help Ease the Symptoms of Menopause?

Whether it is in men or women, young or old, the endocannabinoid system regulates our overall well-being in a myriad of ways – from how your mood is balanced when you talk to how your weight is balanced when you walk. So when this system suffers, the side effects can be wide ranging… like with menopause.

The Future is Here: Researchers Have Isolated the Genes Responsible for Creating THC and CBD

As we know, there is more to cannabis than just THC and CBD but with this new understanding of those two major building blocks, researchers will certainly shift their focus to the other supporting cannabinoids and the highly sought after terpenes that round out the full entourage effect of the miraculous, and now slightly less mysterious, cannabis plant.

29 Top Cannabis CEOs Asked if They Actually Use Cannabis

Some wonder how a person can effectively navigate an industry founded on such a deep and rich culture if they have not, and are not, a part of that culture. Others compare it to running a pharmaceutical company saying that you don’t have to eat painkillers in order to sell them. On the other hand, those who readily admit their cannabis use probably benefit from their openness by adding an air of legitimacy and authenticity to their brand through their genuine embrace of the plant.

The First Federally Approved Study on Cannabis and PTSD in Veterans is Finally Underway

From our own experience, and from the stories we hear all the time in the cannabis community, we already know that cannabis use can absolutely mute the frightening effects of PTSD. Clearly, the federal government has not been listening to you or to us so far, but hopefully this FDA-approved study will bear the results we expect and can move the battle lines forward in the war against cannabis prohibition.

VIDEO: Bumbling NYPD Cops Caught on Bodycam Planting Blunt in Suspect’s Car

Erickson’s report claimed that the blunt was found “in plain sight”, even though both officers searched the area unsuccessfully, and Pastran’s body camera footage shows no such evidence. What Officer Erickson apparently didn’t realize is that somebody smarter than him already thought of the ol’ broken camera trick and his body camera had a feature built in that somehow allowed it to record 30 seconds of footage before Erickson reactivated it.

MedMen is Burning Through Cash But Will it Pay Off?

They have 19 licensed cannabis facilities operating in 13 states with imminent plans to expand that to 66 retail outlets, but here’s the catch. . . none of them are profitable. That’s right, in an industry where 90% of legal dispensaries report profitability, and 40% of them can claim profits in excess of $500k+/yr, somehow MedMen’s mids aren’t making money.

In Michigan, Legal Weed & Voter’s Rights Draft Blueprint for Political Success Nationwide

With a substantially higher margin of victory than even the already impressive races at the top of the ticket, clearly cannabis carried some clout into Election Day. But remember, there were two other proposals on Michigan’s ballots that day, and together with weed, they form a blueprint for future electoral success in all points on the political map.

High Times Bails Out Chalice Festival But Who Will Bail Out High Times?

Gemini Finance Corp. reacted to the cancellation of the Chalice Festival in July by foreclosing on a $587,000 loan that they had out to event organizers. Sensing blood in the water, the sharks at High Times swooped in and gobbled up a $560,000 debt to purchase the rights to the future of the Chalice Festival. Yep, High Times now owns Chalice…sort of…

These Four States Vote on Cannabis Legalization Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Election Day in America and the stakes surrounding the results of races for the Senate and Congress all the way down to your local representatives couldn’t be higher. Voting is a fundamental right of being an American, and your vote absolutely matters. These four states vote on cannabis legalization tomorrow – here’s what you need to know.

The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: The Origins of OG Kush – Part II

At the beginning of Part I we told you that we were actually starting in the middle of the saga, and at the end, we wondered where Matt “Bubba” Berger got the Florida-held genetics that were eventually brought out west – and that’s the story we have for you today.

Will the Latest Round of Proposed Regs Create an “Extinction Event” for Edibles in California’s Legal Market?

The BCC is receiving commentary through November 5th on this issue, and all issues raised by this final set of proposed regulations. Many beneficial changes to these proposed regs have come about thanks to the tireless work of cannabis advocates like you reaching out to the BCC and offering your perspectives. By the end of this year, your voice on this issue may be silenced so if you want to speak up do it now.

The Cannabis Trail Blazers Series: The Origins of OG Kush – Part I

For decades, rebel weed growers kept their identities, and their stories, closely guarded. As the popularity of the OG Kush strain and all of its variants skyrocketed, alleged stories of its origin began floating around – most of them completely devoid of truth. So now those with key parts of the story to add are ready to set the record straight on the origins of OG Kush.

It’s National Expungement Week – What Does That Mean For You?

653,249 were arrested in the U.S in 2016 on cannabis-related charges despite the fact that medical and recreational cannabis legalization measures were already sweeping the nation. Recognizing the difficult path that convicted cannabis warriors must walk to find redemption, a coalition of cannabis social justice organizations dubbed the Equity First Alliance is hosting the first of its kind National Expungement Week this week between October 20th & the 27th

Will the Future of Cannabis See Any Need for Weed?

One of the fundamental barriers to true, nationwide legalization here is, and has always been, the fact that you can grow it in your backyard and cut Uncle Sam out of the middle. But, ten years from now, will that be the only place to get an actual bag of weed?

MedMen Inc. Continues to Flex on the Cannabis Industry

What a whirlwind week it was for MedMen who announced a series of moves that will increase their business canopy to 12 states, 66 retail outlets & 13 totally legal large-scale grow ops… Their next move is anyone’s guess…

FACTS vs. FICTION: Does Cannabis Cure Breast Cancer?

We have to be very careful as advocates of the cannabis plant to not oversell, or overpromise, its medicinal benefits. Cancer takes many different forms and affects people in different ways – as does cannabis. But there is some compelling data, backed by thousands of pieces of anecdotal evidence, that suggests that while cannabis might not always cure cancer, it is always worth a shot.

Failed Promises from High Times Threaten October Cannabis Cup

While begging for their permit back in May, High Times pledged to donate $100,000 to the Build Black Coalition, and an additional $40,000 to provide high tech career training to local youths. By mid-August they still had not paid. When confronted by leaders of the activist groups, the company vowed to square up in 10 days. Here we are in October and they still have not met that obligation, claiming that the money to do so is “tied up” in their IPO launch. Strange, considering they just rolled up over $11,000,000 out of thin air to squash Dope Mag…

Why Medical Marijuana Patients Should Consider Cannabis Suppositories

Many experts agree that it is very possible to increase the delivery rate by which THC enters one’s system, and the most effective way so far has been through the use of cannabis suppositories which can deliver 80% of the cannabis plant’s medicinal value to a patient in need. That’s right – in many cases, ingesting cannabis by mouth is far less effective than approaching the situation from a different angle.

Are Epidiolex Patients Suffering Potentially Deadly Increases in Seizures?

More information has been released about the treatment and what its advertised side effects are. It’s pretty frightening, and once added to the growing amount of patient feedback from clinical trials, it starts to become clear why the DEA is dragging its feet on their ruling for Epidiolex.

California Gov Jerry Brown Shows His True Colors on Cannabis

Asked about climate change, and what we can do about it, Gov. Brown reached deep into his odd hatred for pot and blurted out, “We either do nothing and smoke marijuana because it’s legalized, or we put our shoulder to the plow and do everything we can.” Ok, listen up Moonbeam. We have actual people with their actual shoulders to actual plows trying to form a lucrative, fair, and eternally sustainable industry out of an actually miraculous plant that grows like a weed.

GOP Rep Suggests Random Drug Testing of Fellow Lawmakers

Drug testing reasoning, methods, and technology – particularly when it comes to cannabis use – are archaic and severely flawed. This isn’t about Congress – they are the distraction. nRestricting government cheese, or earned unemployment benefits from someone in need because they took a toke three weeks prior is beyond inhumane and it is high time that we the people stopped supporting or encouraging it at any level.

Big Weed Gets Big Win in the Big Apple

As recently as last year, Gov. Cuomo was on record still referring to cannabis as a “gateway drug” and Nixon’s camp contends that his sudden shift on policy is due to their incessant pressure from his political left flank on the issue. But, in reality, pressure from opponents, voters, or even one’s own morals rarely steer an entire campaign. No… money does.

Given 2nd Chance, Republicans Abandon Vets Once Again on Cannabis

We first reported on this story in June, when the Republicans originally blocked the VA funding vote based on the pro-MMJ stance laid out by the proposed bill. Since then, a dual-chamber panel was tasked with finding a way to merge the House and Senate bills into one final piece of legislation for the president to sign. That final legislation was released yesterday…

Heavy Cannabis Users Who Drink are Much Less Likely to Suffer Liver Diseases

This study is a big deal. Not only does it show a distinct correlation between “heavy” cannabis use and lower risk of alcohol-related disease, it takes it a step further. The data showed that even though the average cannabis user has a worse diet than a non-user – munchies etc. – cannabis users are less likely to be obese. This isn’t just a vanity thing either, it highlights a link between weed use and the potential for lower fasting-insulin levels, which could also protect the liver from non-alcoholic and dietary liver diseases.

The Long & Hazy History of the Boston Freedom Rally

Massachusetts knows a thing or two about tradition and on the third weekend each September for the past 28 years Boston has been home to one of the coolest traditions in the cannabis culture, the Boston Freedom Rally. Join Beard Bros. Pharms Sept. 14-16 to celebrate cannabis culture and help to push the movement forward!

Nation’s Largest Ag Producer Won’t Legalize Cannabis Farmer’s Markets Anytime Soon

Some industry experts believe that because this bill died in its committee for the rest of the year, hundreds of small to medium-sized craft cannabis growers will be put completely out of business over the course of the next 12 months. That’s great news if you are a large-scale commercial boof-wrangler trying to smother the California cannabis industry, but its terrible news for the rest of us.

Company Aims to Spray its DNA All Over Your Legal Weed

A company called Applied DNA says they have a product to spray on cannabis that can take down a raging grey and black market that has already rolled up California’s attempt to take them down – Prop 64 – and blazed it like a Backwoods blunt.

Groundbreaking Study Shows Legal Weed Absolutely Makes Us Safer

Whatever effects cannabis has on your motor skills or ability to perform a task is typically very short lived with the easiest of recoveries or “come downs”. If you like to spark up before heading to your boring job, we don’t blame you. Even if you arrive still baked, the buzzkill of the 9to5 grind awaits and you’ll be miserably sober again in no time.

Beard Bros. Pharms Cannabis Laws Road Trip – Part 5: The East Coast

We’re on the home stretch of the Beard Bros. Pharms 50 State Cannabis Laws Road Trip now, buds! You’ve got the grinder and we’ve got the wheel as we sesh our way up the seaboard and toke our way up the turnpike to see what’s good on the eastern front of the war for cannabis legalization.  Our own journey began out here so it’s good to check in and see just how far things have come on the Beast Coast. Get in, we’re doin’ weed stuff!

Critics Continue to Seek Ways to Recriminalize Cannabis

Hound Labs claims that their machine analyzes whether or not a person has used cannabis within the past two hours based on the metabolites of THC that remain in their breath during that window of time. They say that after three hours, it doesn’t matter if you just globbed a gram, those breath-based metabolites will be back to zero. Any sensible person would stop to think, “Wow, the human body sure does metabolize marijuana quickly & efficiently, it’s almost…natural.”

Study Shows Streets are Safer When Weed is Legal

A recent report in a journal called Police Quarterly revealed that Colorado & Washington have both seen improvement in clearing violent crimes since legalizing the recreational use of cannabis for adults back in 2012. Legal cannabis quite literally makes our streets safer by making the police do actual police work.

Will the BCC Squash Local Laws & Legalize Statewide Cannabis Delivery?

Prop 64 has been patched together with Zig Zags and resin since it first stumbled out of the gates last year with a deeply flawed set of “Emergency Regulations” that sent the Cali cannabis industry into a tailspin. The Bureau of Cannabis Control is now looking to revise and finalize those regulations by the end of this year with some much needed changes that they hope will revitalize the multibillion dollar marijuana market.

California Moves to Make CBD, Like THC, an Investor-Class Industry

Earlier this month the California Department of Public Health Food & Drug Branch (CDPH-FDB) set a dangerous new precedent by strongly stating that absolutely no hemp-derived CBD is allowed to be added to any sort of food or beverage to be sold in the state. We break it down.
(cover photo @MileHighMagic on IG)

Beard Bros. Pharms Cannabis Laws Road Trip – Part 2: The Midwest

In Part 1 of the Beard Bros. Pharms Cannabis Laws & Regulations Road Trip we kicked off our quest out west, making our way down the coast and into the desert.  Now we set our sights eastbound as we take a look at the state of cannabis legalization in the Midwest. Take a ride with us!

Why is Corporate Cannabis Funneling Cash Into Immigration Reform

In the past year and a half, since January of 2017, a small but growing crowd of cannabis industry moguls have quietly donated $69,000 to one particular political action committee called What a Country! – or WACPAC – or the Wack Pack.

WACPAC was founded by Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo in 2015 with the expressed mission to bring about comprehensive immigration reform.

That’s right, immigration reform.
Not cannabis reform.

First Federal Lawsuit Spawns from FDA Approval of Cannabis-Based CBD

In the wake of the June 25th decision by the Federal Drug Administration to approve a cannabis-based CBD-rich epilepsy medication from GW Pharma, a new lawsuit has been filed by a medical marijuana user against the federal government.

The plaintiff is essentially calling the FDA as her first witness and this has the federal government tiptoeing through a minefield of their own making.

Unfortunately, Prop 64 is Probably Going Exactly According to Plan

So here we are.

July 1st has come and gone and a new era has dawned in the California cannabis industry. And don’t get it twisted, it absolutely is an industry and Prop64 and the resulting Bureau of Cannabis Control have ensured that, like in any industry, it is becoming nearly impossible to survive as a small to medium sized entrepreneur.

CBD Treatment Approved by FDA Could Carry Cannabis to Rescheduling

The FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has approved the legal use of CBD for patients ages 2 and up who suffer from very specific conditions: Dravet Syndrome (DS) and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), two severe forms of childhood-onset epilepsy. With so much public support in the US for cannabis legalization – not just CBD legalization – the time is right for a major overhaul.

Here’s How Big Money Skirts Prop64

The average annual license and application fees for just one small or medium cultivation site is about $35,000. That is a steep enough cost of entry into the legal side of the industry, but how can that grower possibly compete with these massive corporate operations who are gaming the system to the detriment of everyone else?

GOP Congress Abandons Vets, Strikes Cannabis Relief from Spending Bill

Three days ago lawmakers in the Republican-led U.S. Congress passed a $147 billion spending bill aimed at funding portions of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), a previously passed energy and water bill, and portions of the legislative branch of the federal government in 2019.

But it’s what was not in the spending bill that caught our eye.

Is High Times Going Up in Smoke?

Whether or not High Times goes up in smoke, the moral of the story is that the cannabis industry is a unique one. On top of demanding integrity, most cannabis connoisseurs are more interested in the next big thing rather than what was cool in the 70’s and 80’s.

In your opinion, what could High Times do to rebrand itself and regain the cultural relevance it once had?

Mormon Church Opposes MMJ While in Bed With Big Pharma

This November the residents of the state of Utah will get to vote on whether or not the state will join the rest of the modern world and allow for a statewide medical marijuana program.

Unless, of course, the Mormon Church has anything to say about it.

Done Running: NFL Player Stands Up for Cannabis

A broken ankle in his rookie season sidelined NFL RB Mike James and his career has been plagued ever since by nagging injuries and chronic pain that led to a dangerous battle with opiate abuse.

Fortunately for James, his wife rescued him from the deadly trap of painkiller addiction by introducing him to the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Unfortunately for James, the NFL has a zero-tolerance policy for cannabis use.

How to Fly with Weed (and How Not To)

After a flight from San Fran to LAX got grounded this week due to a guy sparking a joint on the plane, we figured we’d kick out this basic guide to flying with weed so you don’t end up like that dude – check it out!

So is 7/11 Going to Slang CBD or Was it Fake News?

On Wednesday we got an early scoop that Colorado-based CBD producer Phoenix Tears Wellness had signed a deal with a distribution company named MarketHub Retail who had an alleged commitment from the corporate giant 7/11 to place hemp derived CBD products on the shelves of 4500 convenience stores by the end of 2018.

This, obviously, would be huge news and sure enough more outlets began to break the story as the day went on. It wasn’t long, however, before a spokesperson for 7/11 made an official statement and that took the story down an entirely different path.

And So It Begins… 7/11 Inks Deal to Place CBD Products in 4500 Stores

For a long time, the only place to get Hi-Chews around here was the 7/11 convenience store. Those delicious terp-filled candies, despite their name, do not actually get you hi(gh), but were always worth the trip.

Today 7-11 announced another hot product launch that, despite what you may think, will not get you high but will be a complete game-changer – hemp derived CBD products.

Should I Smoke Cannabis Around My Kids?

The American Academy of Pediatrics just released a study published by researchers from Columbia University warning parents of the dangers that children can face when inhaling second-hand smoke. However, it wasn’t cigarettes or tobacco that the group was singling out, but cannabis.

Females on the Front Lines in the War on Weed

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone and while many moms were pleased to receive calls, gifts, or hugs from their kids, an ever-growing number of them did so from behind bars while serving time for cannabis-related convictions.

No Dogs Need to Die for Legal Weed

Macon County Sheriff Howard Buffett and his allies went on the record late last week and made the implication that if weed is made legal in the Prairie State they might have to start murdering dogs and it’ll be the potheads’ fault.

Kansas Cops Got Jokes

4/20 – the official holiday for cannabis connoisseurs – happens to fall on a Friday this year, and it has all of us doing whatever it takes to get through the work week and make it to whatever sesh awaits us.