The Legends of Hashish II Just Changed the Game, Again


Legends of Hashish II - Recap article

On a beautiful Friday evening at the Vortex in Downtown Los Angeles, the second annual Legends of Hashish was held.

From the moment we stepped through the entrance to this highly exclusive event, current-day legends like Masonic and Pacific Northwest Roots were choppin’ it up, so we knew the vibe was going to be top shelf.

Further within this iconic venue guests were met with a spectacular Moroccan-themed tent that served as the centerpiece of the courtyard. Making our way inside we were greeted by familiar faces walking by and a wave of fresh aromas wafting through the air. We were stoked to see the crews from Fidel’s and Golden State Banana boothed-up and slangin’ terps and then we saw them…

Poised perfectly on pedestals was the finest collection of jaw-dropping Mothership Glass that we have ever seen in one place.  Featuring everything from their instantly recognizable fab eggs to some feminine-formed pieces that left us feeling some type of way, such a high-class display was truly fitting for an event like Legends of Hashish.

40 of the best hash makers had gathered among us fortunate few from outside of that craft who still made the list. These artisans of extraction brought their products together to be judged in a fair and friendly manner and setting by their true peers. The evening would begin with all of the makers and judges receiving their first selection tray and box. This was followed by two more throughout the evening.

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There was no flower smoking allowed in the indoor areas. The event organizers wanted to make sure that there was nothing but properly concentrated terps in the air for the judging environment.

The exquisite array of hash terps was somehow matched by the mouthwatering dinner service provided at the event. Savory chicken and beef were couched on our plates between mountains of saffron rice, falafel, hummus, and more traditional Lebanese treats.

It was very interesting to see people who had made their own concentrates and had entered them now judging their friends and colleagues who had also entered and were there with them taking it all in, side-by-side. The careful curation of such a cool crowd resulted in an entire night of nothing but good vibes and encouragement for each other.


Saturday morning, day two of the Legends of Hashish event in Los Angeles.  Billed as a brunch after the previous evening’s dinner events, this was yet another fantastic idea by Bubbleman, DeMoura, and their team.

Giving everyone plenty of time to get up and moving after the tasteful adventure the night before, we all got back together at 11:00 a.m.

Legends of Hashish 2022 The event took on a different feel in its transition from a nighttime dinner to a daytime brunch/sesh, and that was cool, too! Same crowd, new vibe, still dope.

The Moroccan-themed tent in the courtyard was joined by a sponsored coffee bar complete with the rad-as-hell Legends of Hashish logo created in foam on top of your beverage. What a fantastic idea for a cannabis event. Having a sponsored coffee bar is something we feel we should see at every event going forward.

Saturday’s event was open to a slightly higher number of tickets (see what we did there?) so that people that were not on the very tight guest list from the night before – almost exclusively hash makers, makers’ guests, and judges – could be involved. It gave Saturday a different feel reminiscent of an open-air matinee event that has become so common in Los Angeles over the last decade.

Hash culture has deep roots worldwide, as does the Legends of Hashish tradition, so it should come as no surprise if you see future LOH events cropping up not only outside of Los Angeles, or outside of California, but anywhere that world-class connoisseurs demand an unforgettable hash gathering.


Us, because we got to experience it! But a huge congratulations goes out to all involved, especially those listed below.

Legends of Hashish II Winners List - Beard Bros Pharms

Shoutout to the 40 Makers of this years Legends of Hashish

Wisebird Tbeezle Nikka T Swollen Heads Hash Co
Whale Oil Professor Q Professor Sift Mad River Melts
Feelgood Ogre Farms Highnoonsf Gold Country Resin
Rosintech Natures Lab Vessel Life Science SoilGrown Solventless
Ice House Melts Heritage Splash Solventless Cold Gold Solventless
Helios Mega Raw Melts Amber Jack Byrd Extracts Co
Pacific NW Roots Wolverine Dabs Mountain Man Melts Inventing Room
Quality Squishes Rosin Baron Secret Society Hash Co Triangle Trichomes
Mission Hill Melts Wizard Rosin Papa’s Select Forte Solventless
Hanzo Gardens Hazy Hill Farms Dr.710 Ganja Berry

We would also like to thank all of the vendors for their hard work making sure we had a great time at Legends of Hashish this year!

Dinner Catering – Open Sesame Grill

Brunch Catering – So Divine Catering

Branded Coffee Bar – Longshot Coffee

Event Design and Décor – Golden Bee Celebrations

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