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Here’s How Big Money Skirts Prop64

The average annual license and application fees for just one small or medium cultivation site is about $35,000. That is a steep enough cost of entry into the legal side of the industry, but how can that grower possibly compete with these massive corporate operations who are gaming the system to the detriment of everyone else?

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GOP Congress Abandons Vets, Strikes Cannabis Relief from Spending Bill

Three days ago lawmakers in the Republican-led U.S. Congress passed a $147 billion spending bill aimed at funding portions of the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), a previously passed energy and water bill, and portions of the legislative branch of the federal government in 2019.

But it’s what was not in the spending bill that caught our eye.

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Is High Times Going Up in Smoke?

Whether or not High Times goes up in smoke, the moral of the story is that the cannabis industry is a unique one. On top of demanding integrity, most cannabis connoisseurs are more interested in the next big thing rather than what was cool in the 70’s and 80’s.

In your opinion, what could High Times do to rebrand itself and regain the cultural relevance it once had?

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Done Running: NFL Player Stands Up for Cannabis

A broken ankle in his rookie season sidelined NFL RB Mike James and his career has been plagued ever since by nagging injuries and chronic pain that led to a dangerous battle with opiate abuse.

Fortunately for James, his wife rescued him from the deadly trap of painkiller addiction by introducing him to the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Unfortunately for James, the NFL has a zero-tolerance policy for cannabis use.

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How to Fly with Weed (and How Not To)

After a flight from San Fran to LAX got grounded this week due to a guy sparking a joint on the plane, we figured we’d kick out this basic guide to flying with weed so you don’t end up like that dude – check it out!

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