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Study Uncovers Traces of Xanax in 72% of Blood Samples Yet We Still Have to Fight For Cannabis Rights

A study published late last year in the peer-reviewed Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis shockingly revealed that 72% of random blood samples tested by a research team from Oklahoma State University contained traces of Xanax. Now, admittedly, the sample size was small and limited in its scope as it was not the purpose of the research to shine a light on America’s pill problem… but there is a problem.

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Costs of Lifesaving Drugs Rising Faster than Inflation, Americans are More Likely to Die from an Opioid Overdose than a Car Crash …and Cannabis is Still Illegal

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, THC, and the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant can alleviate many of the same ailments being treated with these mind numbing, highly addictive, and deadly synthetic pills. The difference is, one of them you can grow in a closet, garage, or backyard and that has Big Pharma racing to cash in on victims while our complicit federal government continues to fail us on cannabis reform.

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