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cannabis advocacy
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“Weed Jesus” Steve DeAngelo Hits New Low Walking Back Claims that Last Prisoner Project Freed Craig Cesal

This sort of Press Release Protesting, or Slacktivism, is barely better than nothing, and can actually detract from important causes by diminishing the real, hard work that must be done to earn actual freedom for cannabis prisoners. The sooner that the cannabis community as a whole stops putting this particular bullshitter on panels and pedestals, the better.

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Enough is Enough – It’s Way Past Time to Free Luke Scarmazzo

A quick glance at Weedmaps shows over a dozen licensed cannabis dispensaries serving Modesto right now while Scarmazzo sits in prison for doing the same. Even if he did have the Feds press him these days, the sentencing would be much, much less harsh and the 12+ years he has already served would more than cover that.

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How to Support H.R. 3884 – The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019

We are calling on everyone in our vast network who shares our commitment to equal access, social equity, and working to make right what has been so wrong for so long. Our loud support for the MORE Act can begin to correct the historical and continued injustices concerning our cannabis laws that have disproportionately impacted cannabis consumers, forgotten communities, and particularly, people of color.

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Veterans Cannabis Coalition to Unveil ‘Cannabis Bill of Rights’ in Nation’s Capital This Weekend

Eric Goepel along with colleagues from Veterans Cannabis Coalition and other veteran-led advocacy groups will hold a panel discussion in the heart of democracy to elaborate on what cannabis legalization means for important issues like the veteran suicide crisis, the opioid epidemic, and more at the RFK Festival Grounds for a 4/20 celebration at the 4th Annual National Cannabis Festival, in Washington, D.C. Goepel will speak from 3:30 – 4:15pm on Saturday, April 20th and will also unveil the Bill of Cannabis Rights that we’ve broken down for you here.

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Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance Continues the Mission of Compassion in California

With the well-being of our nation’s veterans in mind, one of the groups that has helped to take point on the task of providing safe access to free meds for vets in California is the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance (SCVA), a self-funded, vertically-integrated, and highly compassionate yet down-to-earth cannabis company and advocacy group in Northern California. With roots that run deep into the culture of Prop215, SCVA has weathered the storms of regulation better than many and now they vow to continue the mission for compassion.

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Freshman Congresswoman Exposes Cannabis Industry’s Dubious D.C. Tactics

We understand the way the game is played. We realize that with the way that our version of democracy currently functions, lobbying is a necessary tool. At Beard Bros. Pharms we are actively seeking opportunities to allow us to lobby state and national politicians on behalf of the cannabis culture as much as the cannabis industry. We feel that our grassroots approach, rooted in the struggle of advocacy and reform and fed with years of acquired knowledge could yield a highly beneficial future for society when it comes to cannabis.

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Building a Fire: How Will We End Cannabis Prohibition?

Instead of thanking a veteran for their service, tell them you’re voting for candidates who support cannabis reform. Instead of buying a service member a meal, tell them you’re pushing your member of Congress to make CBD available to troops in the field. Instead of standing back and letting apathy and cynicism poison your outlook, take positive action.

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