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With Deep Roots in Cali’s Cannabis Culture, Circle Labs of Marin County Delivers High Grade Hemp Derived CBD

Too many people who may be able to find real benefits from legit CBD products are instead walking blindly into the market with no advice, no education, and no clue on how to separate the snake oil from the CBD. We have friends and family asking us all the time for recommendations specifically for hemp-derived CBD but we’ve never had any place to confidently point them… until now.

Regenerative farming.
Research-driven, quality-controlled manufacturing.
High-grade products that work.
Compassion based community outreach.

Jeez… is this a hemp CBD company or an old school cannabis company?

That’s the beautiful part, Circle Labs is both.

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Nationwide Decline of THC Levels in Legal Weed Reveals a Tsunami of Boof on the Horizon

There is a flood coming and it is going to last way more than 40 days and 40 nights. Before you start filling sandbags and stockpiling canned goods, though, be aware that the flood we are talking about has nothing to do with water or the weather. No, we are talking about a flood of boofy midgrade weed cultivated on a massive scale by investor-backed BizCon bois who wouldn’t recognize cannabis culture if they tripped over it.

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Cali’s Cannabis Laws Remain Vague Despite Dozens of Updates

The regulation and taxation of recreational adult-use cannabis in California has, by nearly all metrics, failed to live up to its potential so far. Instead, it almost instantly devolved into a breeding ground for political and police corruption, as well as a pit of quicksand for those hoping to cash in quick, and a frustrating clusterfuck for those of us who know damn well how to produce and sell high-quality cannabis if only the state would get out of the way.

Among the many systemic flaws of Prop 64 has been, from the jump, its vague language on crucial aspects of the new law, leaving room for wildly conflicting interpretations between the state, local municipalities, and applicants or licensees.

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Reasons the Chads are gonna get Chazzed

I made a post the other week and it got quite the response. I wasn’t expecting so many people to react, but I guess I struck a nerve. For some, it was a bad zing like hitting your funny bone. Others said it was a jolt of inspiration. So I suppose it’s worth expounding upon my initial premise, which is that the Chads are screwed and the culture side of the cannabis industry is going to kick their ass. 

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