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Why America Arrests More People for Cannabis Possession Each Year Than for All Violent Crimes COMBINED

Though we are on an inevitable course toward nationwide cannabis legalization, what will it look like? Will we still find ways to arrest hundreds of thousands of people each year for it? Will we still see National Guard helicopters thundering through the most rural regions of the Emerald Triangle? The sad truth is, as long as these capitalist companies are able to pour millions of dollars into national politics each year just by foraging the spare change out of their sofas, we are bound to see dimebag busts continue to be about as far as most cops are willing to go to protect and serve.

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THC Testing is Bullshit and You’re Getting Screwed

A warm Beard Bros. Pharms welcome to our new contributor, Oregon’s own Dick Fitts. If you are not familiar with this dude’s background well just … ok maybe don’t google that name but let’s just say this multi-talented fella has been around the plant for quite some time and he certainly knows a thing or two about a thing or two. We are stoked he is down to share his personal insights with all of us with a unique edge and a passion for cannabis that we can definitely relate to. We’re sure you’ll enjoy his style as much as we do.

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Remembering Mickey Martin: His Voice May Be Gone But the Connections Live On

From coast to coast, Mickey brought people together. . . but not just anyone. His Bullshit Detector was always perfectly calibrated and gaining his trust wasn’t easy. Once you did though, you gained entry into a truly grassroots network of up and coming colleagues as well as some of the oldest and most respected names in the game. You can read about all of his accomplishments and his disappointments – he had his share of both – but the bottom line is that Mickey Martin connected good people, he helped good people. We miss him so much.

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California Cannabis Market Will Remain Weak Without Substantially More Retail Cannabis Dispensaries

Nobody on our crew voted for Prop 64 but unless it is somehow repealed and replaced it is the flawed law of the land. Our windows of opportunity to effect real change are so narrow and when we miss them, months go by before they reopen. It is imperative that we keep the pressure on our elected officials at all levels of government so that we can take advantage of our next opportunity to correct this law. We have the overwhelming will of the people on our side – will you add your voice to the cause?

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