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Pot Prohibitionists Have Set Their Sights on Motorists’ Rights

The truth is, there is no simple answer for this issue but it really is not as big of a problem as the average American thinks it is. We do know that the answer is not more arrests. It is still just about a plant and some freedom and even in the midst of historic cannabis reform from coast to coast, our country still averages one weed arrest every 48 seconds.  A vicious cycle that is certainly not in line with the inevitable future of cannabis in this country. But cops don’t care about yesterday or tomorrow, only who they can nail right now, and right now cannabis users are still not safe.

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5 Things We Must Demand From Any Future Cannabis Legalization Measures

80% of the country is still dealing with a patchwork of unique medical marijuana laws or outright cannabis prohibition. As these states look to the future, with the benefit of watching those that blazed the trail before them, there are some fundamental planks that we believe must form the foundation for any effective and thorough cannabis reform.

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Critics Continue to Seek Ways to Recriminalize Cannabis

Hound Labs claims that their machine analyzes whether or not a person has used cannabis within the past two hours based on the metabolites of THC that remain in their breath during that window of time. They say that after three hours, it doesn’t matter if you just globbed a gram, those breath-based metabolites will be back to zero. Any sensible person would stop to think, “Wow, the human body sure does metabolize marijuana quickly & efficiently, it’s almost…natural.”

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Kansas Cops Got Jokes

4/20 – the official holiday for cannabis connoisseurs – happens to fall on a Friday this year, and it has all of us doing whatever it takes to get through the work week and make it to whatever sesh awaits us.

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