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Ousted CEO of Cali Cannabis Lab Says New Investors are Cooking the Books to Woo New Money

In 2019, California cannabis testing lab Cannalysis was raking in investor capital, making headlines and rapidly expanding. While this may be a usable playbook in many other markets, it has proven to be a gamble when it comes to this particular industry and now the lawyers are involved. Cannabis lab testing is commonly considered to be pretty clean work, but these are some dirty allegations.

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The Pesticide Problem: Shining a Light on Some Shady California Cannabis Testing

The entire point of third-party lab testing is quality control. Any lab that can point to a full ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for all services that they offer demonstrates that their own level of quality control is on point. It demonstrates that even though the state doesn’t require them to employ sensible standard operating procedures, they take it upon themselves to do so anyway. That attention to detail will absolutely carry over to the accuracy of the test results of your product and if you do things right, that’s all you should ever ask a lab to provide.

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Nationwide Decline of THC Levels in Legal Weed Reveals a Tsunami of Boof on the Horizon

There is a flood coming and it is going to last way more than 40 days and 40 nights. Before you start filling sandbags and stockpiling canned goods, though, be aware that the flood we are talking about has nothing to do with water or the weather. No, we are talking about a flood of boofy midgrade weed cultivated on a massive scale by investor-backed BizCon bois who wouldn’t recognize cannabis culture if they tripped over it.

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