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cannabis laws
beard bros california legislative update 1

California Cannabis Laws Continue to Evolve – Full 2019 Legislative Update

Governor Newsom took office riding a wave of support from cannabis consumers convinced that he would make right what Prop 64 got so terribly wrong. His track record on the issue has not been perfect so far, but this week’s flurry of signatures on successful cannabis legislation should show that the fight is not over yet and although he may not be the most reliable ally, he is certainly not the enemy. The battle begins anew the second week of January with the state’s next legislative session.

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Cannabis Regulators in Massachusetts Approve Social Consumption and Home Delivery… with a Catch

Massachusetts has the rare distinction of being the first state to ban cannabis back in 1911 as well as being the first state on the eastern seaboard to create a legal recreational cannabis market. It may have taken them over a century to come around but they are predicted to haul in up to a half a billion in cannabis sales this year. It is certainly no pipe dream to figure on that number doubling once home delivery and social consumption become a reality. By 2021 cannabis sales in the state are predicted to account for 6.7% of TOTAL cannabis sales in the U.S. Yeah, boy… Beard Bros. Boston has a pretty sweet ring to it and we definitely know a thing or two about growing green monstahs!

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