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Can Cannabis Cure Anxiety?

A new study just published in the scientific journal Neuron has found a demonstrable method of manipulating certain molecules naturally present in the human body (dully named 2-AG) in a manner that could allow them to ‘roadblock’ the neural highway along which a potential anxiety attack would travel to fruition. These 2-AG molecules interact with receptors in the human brain that we refer to as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), that essential network found within all of us that your family doctor has probably never heard of.

If only nature provided a plant that grows like a weed and is chock full of hundreds of ECS-conducive cannabinoids…

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Putting Your Lab to the Test: Lessons Learned From California Cannabis Testing

California cannabis growers, extractors, processors, and retailers have been lab testing their products for potency and purity for at least the past decade, dating back well before Prop 64 and the implementation of recreational marijuana legalization in the state. For those with established relationships with professionally run testing facilities, these early years of practical analysis helped them to hone their craft and refine the quality of their products, giving them a very useful headstart once the industry did evolve.

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Will the Future of Cannabis See Any Need for Weed?

One of the fundamental barriers to true, nationwide legalization here is, and has always been, the fact that you can grow it in your backyard and cut Uncle Sam out of the middle. But, ten years from now, will that be the only place to get an actual bag of weed?

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