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cannabis study

Heavy Cannabis Users Who Drink are Much Less Likely to Suffer Liver Diseases

This study is a big deal. Not only does it show a distinct correlation between “heavy” cannabis use and lower risk of alcohol-related disease, it takes it a step further. The data showed that even though the average cannabis user has a worse diet than a non-user – munchies etc. – cannabis users are less likely to be obese. This isn’t just a vanity thing either, it highlights a link between weed use and the potential for lower fasting-insulin levels, which could also protect the liver from non-alcoholic and dietary liver diseases.

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Groundbreaking Study Shows Legal Weed Absolutely Makes Us Safer

Whatever effects cannabis has on your motor skills or ability to perform a task is typically very short lived with the easiest of recoveries or “come downs”. If you like to spark up before heading to your boring job, we don’t blame you. Even if you arrive still baked, the buzzkill of the 9to5 grind awaits and you’ll be miserably sober again in no time.

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