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29 Top Cannabis CEOs Asked if They Actually Use Cannabis

Some wonder how a person can effectively navigate an industry founded on such a deep and rich culture if they have not, and are not, a part of that culture. Others compare it to running a pharmaceutical company saying that you don’t have to eat painkillers in order to sell them. On the other hand, those who readily admit their cannabis use probably benefit from their openness by adding an air of legitimacy and authenticity to their brand through their genuine embrace of the plant.

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MedMen is Burning Through Cash But Will it Pay Off?

They have 19 licensed cannabis facilities operating in 13 states with imminent plans to expand that to 66 retail outlets, but here’s the catch. . . none of them are profitable. That’s right, in an industry where 90% of legal dispensaries report profitability, and 40% of them can claim profits in excess of $500k+/yr, somehow MedMen’s mids aren’t making money.

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Why is Corporate Cannabis Funneling Cash Into Immigration Reform

In the past year and a half, since January of 2017, a small but growing crowd of cannabis industry moguls have quietly donated $69,000 to one particular political action committee called What a Country! – or WACPAC – or the Wack Pack.

WACPAC was founded by Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo in 2015 with the expressed mission to bring about comprehensive immigration reform.

That’s right, immigration reform.
Not cannabis reform.

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