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Fettered Love

FETTERED LOVE By Edwin Rubis Currently serving a 40-year federal sentence for a nonviolent cannabis conspiracy offense Five years Turned Life Love Gone Non Return

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Local Lawmakers Tasked with Tackling Everything From Cannabis to COVID-19 as Fed Failures Loom Large

We’re not going to pretend to be experts on respiratory diseases – especially ones that the respiratory disease experts apparently still know next to nothing about – but we do know a thing or two about cannabis so our fuse is burning pretty short with politicians from both parties who not only refuse to embrace or accept cannabis reform, but who continue to peddle lies in the hope of preventing it from happening.

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How to Support H.R. 3884 – The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019

We are calling on everyone in our vast network who shares our commitment to equal access, social equity, and working to make right what has been so wrong for so long. Our loud support for the MORE Act can begin to correct the historical and continued injustices concerning our cannabis laws that have disproportionately impacted cannabis consumers, forgotten communities, and particularly, people of color.

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“Congress is Owned by Pharma” Says Key FDA Advisor

The time to address this crisis is long overdue. The lawsuits naming and shaming the architects of this deadly epidemic are making headlines, finally, but Doc Brown sums it up best, “If we don’t change the regulatory process for opioids, it will happen again.”

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California Ranks Worst in Nation in Student vs. Prisoner Spending, Pledges $200M+ to Put More People in Jail for Weed

It can be incredibly frustrating to fight for legalization, then be handed this. . . to fight for expungement and justice reform only to see war-trained troops assigned to kick down doors. . . but we must fight. This plant, once truly embraced, will drop that embarrassing incarceration rate and will kick in tax revenues to our starving schools and that is an investment worth fighting for.

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Actual National Emergency: 15,600+ Active Duty and Retired U.S. Servicemembers Have Taken Their Own Lives Since Trump Took Office

In the Rose Garden of the White House last week, the President of the United States of America concluded his press conference with words that will no doubt live on to define his time in office. “I didn’t need to do this,” Trump blurted out loud regarding his wholly fabricated national emergency, “but I’d rather do it much faster.” Now, the opioid epidemic and the depressing amount of military suicides that our country is facing did not begin under Trump, but we know of an actual national emergency – one that would not cost the taxpayers billions of dollars to solve – that could certainly end under him if he could pull himself away from Twitter for a while to get some work done for our vets.

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SAFE HARBOR ACT 2019: New Legislation Looks to Provide Much Needed Reform for Vets

Beard Bros. Media Guest Contributor Eric Goepel of the Veterans Cannabis Coalition takes a hard look at a much-needed piece of legislation being considered in the nation’s capital right now – The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act of 2019. Our vets are suffering and potential relief from medical marijuana use is being unfairly withheld from them even though legalization is sweeping the nation. Instead of thanking a veteran for their service, tell them you’re voting for candidates who support cannabis reform. Instead of buying a service member a meal, tell them you’re pushing your member of Congress to make CBD available to troops in the field. Instead of standing back and letting apathy and cynicism poison your outlook, take positive action.

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