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track and trace
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Will ‘Track & Trace’ Be the Cure for California’s Crippled Cannabis Market?

Washington state is already on its second stab at a track and trace program and in Oregon, the seed to sale system says that they have a million unsold pounds of pot, roughly enough for 4 free ounces for each of the state’s 4 million residents. Four million residents, eh? 3 mill or so in Nevada. 5.6 mill in Colorado. 7.4 mill in Washington. Well, we’ve got 40 million in California so any problems that these smaller markets have experienced could be scaled up greatly once the experiment is fully underway here. Hell, harking back to our dude Mickey one more time, there are more people in Los Angeles County alone (10.16 million) than there are in 42 states in this country…Cali is a different beast.

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