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Compassion Never Left California Cannabis, In Fact it is Stronger Than Ever

While it is true that Prop 64 dictated that burdensome taxes still be applied even to cannabis produced specifically for compassionate donations, grassroots activists refused to take that as a final answer. Even though the state’s former governor, Jerry Brown, vetoed a bill on his way out the door in 2018 that would have eliminated these taxes on such products, tireless advocates persisted, and nearly identical legislation was signed by Gov. Newsom in 2019.

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People Before Profit: A Quest to Keep Cannabis Compassionate

Who will speak for the dead? Who will stand for those who cannot? We all must. We have come to understand that meaning lies in service to others, fighting for the good of all. We can think of no greater service to the people of this country and the world than helping to end cannabis prohibition in the United States.

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