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California Ranks Worst in Nation in Student vs. Prisoner Spending, Pledges $200M+ to Put More People in Jail for Weed

It can be incredibly frustrating to fight for legalization, then be handed this. . . to fight for expungement and justice reform only to see war-trained troops assigned to kick down doors. . . but we must fight. This plant, once truly embraced, will drop that embarrassing incarceration rate and will kick in tax revenues to our starving schools and that is an investment worth fighting for.

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Given 2nd Chance, Republicans Abandon Vets Once Again on Cannabis

We first reported on this story in June, when the Republicans originally blocked the VA funding vote based on the pro-MMJ stance laid out by the proposed bill. Since then, a dual-chamber panel was tasked with finding a way to merge the House and Senate bills into one final piece of legislation for the president to sign. That final legislation was released yesterday…

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