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Ohio Hopeful Than Adult-Use Marijuana Will Be On Shelves By This Summer

Ohio – In a move set to redefine Ohio’s cannabis landscape, adult-use marijuana sales may become a reality by mid-June. This development comes after the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review took a significant step forward by allowing rules to proceed without objection, paving the way for a dual licensing program this Monday. This program specifically allows existing medical marijuana dispensaries to expand their offerings to include recreational products. Road to Adult-Use Marijuana Legalization The recreational cannabis path to this point has been anything but straightforward. After voters approved Issue 2 last year with 57% of the vote, Ohio legally allowed residents over 21 to grow and possess cannabis at home, also becoming the 24th state to permit recreational cannabis. However, the absence of a legal framework for the sale of adult-use marijuana left a void that spurred concerns among officials, including Gov. Mike DeWine, who has called it a “ridiculous

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Highly Recommended A Canna-Travel Docu-Series

The Fight Against Corporate Interests Is A Fight For Cannabis Culture Written By Bri Smith We’re all sick of capitalism. On a global scale, we’re watching it cause massive imbalances of power, inequitable distribution of resources, environmental destruction, and greed that excuses violent genocide, wars, starvation, and modern-day slavery. On

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Beard Bros Pharms Partners with Midwest Roots Furthering Expansion as a Multistate and Multinational Cannabis Brand

Washington, MO – May 16th, 2024- Beard Bros Pharms, a multistate and multinational legacy cannabis brand on the leading edge of the legal cannabis industry, has partnered with Midwest Roots, a cannabis cultivator, manufacturer, and distributor serving dispensaries throughout Missouri. This expansion continues Beard Bros self-made momentum, and introduces their

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High Price: The Luke Scarmazzo Story

High Price is a thrilling journey into chasing the American Dream during a brief window when it was open to anyone willing to take the risk: the Wild West days of California’s early medical marijuana markets. Luke Scarmazzo, a working-class kid from Modesto, California, started the first state-legal cannabis dispensary

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Exploring the Munchies Phenomenon in Cannabis Use

For newcomers to the world of cannabis, “the munchies” may seem like a curious, often humorous term borrowed from pop culture, referring to an increased appetite after using cannabis. This concept has become well-known, closely linked with the relaxed lifestyle associated with cannabis culture. However, looking past the casual references

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Florida’s Cannabis Legalization Race Tight, Polls Say

Come November, Florida is poised to make a historic decision, potentially changing the landscape of cannabis legalization on the southeastern coast. But it seems the outcome is far from a guarantee, with recent polls indicating a hesitant electorate that may not hit the crucial 60% threshold required to pass. Diving

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Retail Spotlight – Jungle Boys Orange County

The iconic name brand Jungle Boys has become synonymous with SoCal cannabis culture due in part to the brilliant branding and distinguished merch, but at its roots it is anchored by the very best of California cannabis cultivation, concentrates, and other consumables. Located in the heart of Orange County, where

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The Dawn of Bicycle Day and LSD’s Pioneering Discovery

On April 19th, 1943, the world took a turn without realizing it, and it all began with a fateful bike ride. This day marked the first intentional dosing of LSD by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, a pioneering event that introduced humanity to the wonders of psychedelics. The significance of this

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Headquartered in Los Angeles and Sacramento, Beard Bros is a multi-national cannabis brand (MSB), advocacy, consulting firm, and grassroots media magnate. Operating in three business units: Beard Bros Media, Beard Bros Pharms and Beard Bros Consulting, the company leverages the deep legacy cannabis experience of brothers and co-founders Bill and Jeff Levers, while delivering products, media coverage, and consulting services that embrace the ever-evolving legal cannabis industry while upholding a commitment to better the quality of life for cannabis patients and consumers. Furthermore, the company leverages its deep legacy cannabis experience at the intersection of the ever-evolving legal and regulated cannabis landscape. 

Beard Bros Media is a California-based online news outlet for professionals, cultivators, manufacturers, dispensary owners, retailers, brands, operators and consumers in the recreational and medical cannabis industry in the United States. The news site was founded in 2018 by Beard Bros Pharms. Both are founded by Bill and Jeff Levers. 

The news site not only combats industry misinformation and provides an insider’s view of the contrasts and collaborative opportunities between cannabis culture and the cannabis industry but further serves the industry and adds value to end -use consumers through education, awareness, and advocacy.

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