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First Medical Marijuana Dispensary In North Carolina Opens, Despite State Laws

Medical marijuana has long been a contentious issue across various states in the US, but on 4/20 this year, a significant stride was made in North Carolina. Despite enduring cannabis prohibition under state law, sales opened on the sovereign land of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI), marking the state’s first encounter with legalized medical marijuana. The dispensary’s inauguration offers more than just access to medical marijuana for those in need; it provides a platform for discussion and progress within the state’s complex legal landscape. The Great Smoky Cannabis Co., located on the Qualla Boundary in Cherokee, is not only a testament to the changing views on cannabis but also an opportunity to explore how cannabis might carve a path to the future in North Carolina. The Legal Context Cannabis has remained illegal under North Carolina law, with strict regulations governing its possession, sale, and distribution. However, interestingly enough, a 2021 state law has legalized low-THC products, signaling a gradual shift in policies. The Great Smoky Cannabis Co., located on the Qualla Boundary, showcases the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI)’s progressive stance on medical marijuana, which is legally sanctioned under their laws. The dispensary serves as a concrete

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Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Could Appear on the Ballot in Four States in 2024

United States – The conversation around marijuana is rapidly shifting from the fringes of societal acceptance to the epicenter of legislative action. Several states across the United States are poised on the brink of change as initiatives for both recreational and medical marijuana legalization gain momentum. In the upcoming 2024 elections, Floridians, Idahoans, Nebraskans, and South Dakotans may find themselves with a marijuana legalization initiative decision to make. The Case for Recreational Marijuana in Florida Florida’s Amendment 3 is spearheading the campaign for legalized recreational marijuana. If passed, it would grant individuals over the age of 21 the right to possess up to three ounces of marijuana. Furthermore, it would revolutionize distribution channels by allowing the purchase of cannabis from licensed dispensaries without needing a medical marijuana card. The potential implications are vast, with alterations to the fabric of the state’s existing laws surrounding cannabis use. Challenges and Hurdles The

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Exploring the Munchies Phenomenon in Cannabis Use

For newcomers to the world of cannabis, “the munchies” may seem like a curious, often humorous term borrowed from pop culture, referring to an increased appetite after using cannabis. This concept has become well-known, closely linked with the relaxed lifestyle associated with cannabis culture. However, looking past the casual references

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Florida’s Cannabis Legalization Race Tight, Polls Say

Come November, Florida is poised to make a historic decision, potentially changing the landscape of cannabis legalization on the southeastern coast. But it seems the outcome is far from a guarantee, with recent polls indicating a hesitant electorate that may not hit the crucial 60% threshold required to pass. Diving

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Retail Spotlight – Jungle Boys Orange County

The iconic name brand Jungle Boys has become synonymous with SoCal cannabis culture due in part to the brilliant branding and distinguished merch, but at its roots it is anchored by the very best of California cannabis cultivation, concentrates, and other consumables. Located in the heart of Orange County, where

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The Dawn of Bicycle Day and LSD’s Pioneering Discovery

On April 19th, 1943, the world took a turn without realizing it, and it all began with a fateful bike ride. This day marked the first intentional dosing of LSD by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, a pioneering event that introduced humanity to the wonders of psychedelics. The significance of this

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