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It All Started With A Seed

Originally hailing from Florida and Pennsylvania and now conveniently headquartered in Los Angeles and Sacramento, Beard Bros Pharms is a multi-state cannabis brand (MSB), advocacy and consulting firm, and grassroots media magnate whose highly sought-after products, no-nonsense knowledge base, and hard-earned expertise are boosting bottom lines for their business partners worldwide.

The company leverages their deep legacy cannabis experience at the intersection of the ever-evolving legal and regulated cannabis landscape via its co-founders and real brothers Bill and Jeff Levers to help their partners navigate the nuances of both established and emerging cannabis markets.

Beard Bros Pharms’ full spectrum of expertise in cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, operations, packaging, supply chain distribution, consulting, marketing, and media is unrivaled.

In addition to 20-years of top shelf cannabis production, Beard Bros has operated in the legal cannabis market since 2011 (in the Prop 215/SB 420 medical market) and produced licensed recreational cannabis since 2018. Today you can find their award-winning high-CBD and high-THC RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) products in popular dispensaries in California and Massachusetts, with more states and markets stocking up soon. In coming months, the brand plans to unveil even more wellness-oriented products including “RSO in a Bottle” (highly potent and effective tinctures), and RSO-based edibles and topicals.

Bill and Jeff of Beard Bros. Pharms have also earned a reputation as outspoken advocates of the cannabis plant, its many benefits, and of the culture at its roots. With the launch of their own culture-based website in 2018 at www.beardbrospharms.com and corresponding weekly newsletter “The Friday Sesh”, the Bros are known and revered for the authenticity that accompanies their reporting on original news content, upcoming cannabis related events, brands to watch, and more.

Allowing other brands and farms to tap into that earned respect places Beard Bros. Pharms at the intersection where legacy meets legality by delivering the highest quality products to patients and consumers and sharing their real-world knowledge, insights, and experience to others through ongoing consultation and education.

Beard Bros. Pharms continues to harvest success not only for themselves, but for the brands and operators that see the mutual benefit that comes with keeping it real.