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Started Beard Bros Pharms as a brand in early 2013 after failed passage of Prop 19 in California highlighted the need to brand your business.

75,000+ followers across multiple platforms. Combined our social platforms boast a strong industry presence amongst C-suite execs and OGs . We have expanded our platform from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to now include mutil-playlist YouTube Channels.

Created Beard Bros Media in 2018 to further serve the industry and add value to end use consumers through education, awareness, and advocacy.

More than 1 500 articles published to our website, and recently Google News, garnering high impressions, engagement and other SEO benchmarks (far surpassing industry metrics).

Ongoing weekly newsletter with more than 250 editions since 2018. 17,000 plus engaged subscribers with a HIGH open rate. In addition, new audience subscription offerings have seen immediate success.

Since 2018, our online news site has covered cannabis trends, cannabis culture, community news, state-wide industry news and educational content. Continued growth and popularity as a leading news source saw the delivering and embracing of different content forms and news types.

Partnerships with some of the nation’s most highly sought-after cannabis brands. Media Partners: ALTRD.TV, Skunk Magazine, Greenstreet, Hall of Flowers, Ganjapreneur, and Emerald Cup.

Our media platform has continued see growth in international audiences along with positive outcomes for new media offerings we offer to them. These include online video series, digital media services and more.

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We have been recognized during the California 215/420 era for our flower, edibles, and RSO products numerous times.

Our media platform has been recognised by cannabisaficionado.com as "A full-blown media company ... [that] creates its own media standard".

Our media platform has been recognised by Respect My Region as ""A platform Which Creates Their Own Wave In California's Legal Cannabis Industry."

As a media magnate, Cannbis Business Executive recognizes us as "A grassroots media magnate boosting boosting bottom lines for their business partners worldwide".

Beard Bros has also been recognized for our advocacy/activist work.

Recognized by Skunk Global as "The Grassroots Media Magnate Blazing A New Trail In Cannabis"

Legacy Matters

As their frequent flyer miles stack up in 2024 and beyond, it is important to take a look back at the long road that led Beard Bros Pharms to the peak of cannabis culture.

  • Late 1980s -
    Early 1990s:

    It all starts with a seed! Bill and Jeff Levers each begin to independently dabble in highly illegal cannabis homegrows in both Florida and Pennsylvania.

  • To this day, it is not legal to grow your own personal cannabis plants in Florida or Pennsylvania, so in 2011 the Beard Bros made their way west, landing briefly in Colorado before setting up shop in Southern California.


  • 2013

    Beard Bros Pharms, the brand, was born. Bill and Jeff quickly gained notoriety in California’s thriving medical cannabis marketplace for their exceptional indoor cannabis and their commitment to compassion for veterans groups and cannabis prisoner advocacy.

  • Successful Los Angeles delivery formed.


  • 2018

    Beard Bros Media is formed with the establishment of www.beardbrospharms.com with a mission statement to combat industry misinformation and provide an insider's view of the contrasts and collaborative opportunities between cannabis culture and the cannabis industry

  • Expanded media production and offerings becoming recognized as the industry's trusted source of real news. Expanded advising and consulting offerings from coast to coast, tapping into the full spectrum of knowledge earned at all stops of the cannabis supply chain.


  • 2020-23

    Exploring multiple state expansions beyond California for product creation, licensing opportunities, and board-level consulting on all aspects of commercial cannabis.