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Retail Spotlight – High Profile x Budega in Dorchester, MA

Located right by the hahhhhbahhhh in the Dorchester neighborhood of west Boston lies one of the city’s best sources for top shelf cannabis. A collab for the community, this High Profile x Budega cannabis dispensary is proof positive of the potential power of social equity programs in regulated cannabis markets.

High Profile x Budega CEO Brian Chavez is the first Social Equity applicant in Boston to earn three licenses and he and his brother Jaison were the first social equity licensees to successfully launch three locations – the max number allowed by local laws.

As the good folks at Talking Joints Memo reported: “The dispensary may be new, but Brian and Jaison and their relatives are well known in these parts, having owned and operated bodegas and other neighborhood businesses in Boston for three decades—including two that were transformed into the High Profile x Budega locations in Roslindale and Roxbury.”

The Dorchester spot, located in South Boston, offers plenty of free onsite parking – a luxury in the city – making it incredibly easy and convenient to pull up, stock up, and be on your way.

The team at High Profile x Budega is on a mission to offer a full spectrum of cannabis options in order to provide safe access to the plant regardless of one’s budget. This includes a useful array of products from Beard Bros Pharms.

It is an honor to appear on their menu with badass brands like Cloud Cover, Galactic, Root and Bloom, the inhouse offerings from High Profile, and more.

They accept cash payments in-store at High Profile x Budega in Dorchester, with ATMs on-site. 

Additionally, you can also pay with your debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, but it is worth noting that these payments come with a $4.00 convenience fee. If you order online you can take advantage of Dutchie Pay, a secure payment method that links your bank account and Dutchie account – how do ya like dem apples?!

Community is everything at High Profile x Budega and that is reflected in hundreds of 5-star reviews from cannabis fans like you.

“Went with my homegirl  in celebration of receiving good news. Was greeted at the door with a smile, greeted with a smile getting my id scanned, we were then greeted with yet another stupendous smile and excellent service to boot. Kaila performed her duties attentively as well as being inquiring all the right questions to further guide us thru our experience. She made some great suggestions leading to our excellent purchase of inexpensive yet quality goods. Thank you again Kaila, I’ll be sure to stop by again!!!” – 5-star Google Review from May 2024 by Marslyn O.

The crew at High Profile x Budega in Dorchester consists of longtime cannabis insiders building the best experience and selection in the game and catering to Boston’s true cannabis connoisseurs.

High Profile x Budega in Dorchester is Your Premier Cannabis Destination

“Our goal is to be the essential cannabis destination for each community we serve. With a focus on full-spectrum products, we seek out and offer the industry’s best brands for recreational customers. High Profile budtenders are experienced and down-to-earth, focused on helping you have the best possible experience with cannabis every time.”

Location:  43 Freeport Street, Boston, MA 02122
Hours: 7 days a week from 9am to 9pmWebsite:
High Profile | Dorchester Location
Deals: Revolving deals and a ‘High Roller’ Rewards program

Nearby Munchies: It’s Boston, fam. Whatever you want, they got it.

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