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Critics Continue to Seek Ways to Recriminalize Cannabis

Hound Labs claims that their machine analyzes whether or not a person has used cannabis within the past two hours based on the metabolites of THC that remain in their breath during that window of time. They say that after three hours, it doesn’t matter if you just globbed a gram, those breath-based metabolites will be back to zero. Any sensible person would stop to think, “Wow, the human body sure does metabolize marijuana quickly & efficiently, it’s almost…natural.”

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Study Shows Streets are Safer When Weed is Legal

A recent report in a journal called Police Quarterly revealed that Colorado & Washington have both seen improvement in clearing violent crimes since legalizing the recreational use of cannabis for adults back in 2012. Legal cannabis quite literally makes our streets safer by making the police do actual police work.

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Will the BCC Squash Local Laws & Legalize Statewide Cannabis Delivery?

Prop 64 has been patched together with Zig Zags and resin since it first stumbled out of the gates last year with a deeply flawed set of “Emergency Regulations” that sent the Cali cannabis industry into a tailspin. The Bureau of Cannabis Control is now looking to revise and finalize those regulations by the end of this year with some much needed changes that they hope will revitalize the multibillion dollar marijuana market.

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