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Veterans Cannabis Coalition to Unveil ‘Cannabis Bill of Rights’ in Nation’s Capital This Weekend

Eric Goepel along with colleagues from Veterans Cannabis Coalition and other veteran-led advocacy groups will hold a panel discussion in the heart of democracy to elaborate on what cannabis legalization means for important issues like the veteran suicide crisis, the opioid epidemic, and more at the RFK Festival Grounds for a 4/20 celebration at the 4th Annual National Cannabis Festival, in Washington, D.C. Goepel will speak from 3:30 – 4:15pm on Saturday, April 20th and will also unveil the Bill of Cannabis Rights that we’ve broken down for you here.

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Cultivating Authenticity with Rebel Grown

“Hey man, I know I can grow great organic herb, and that’s great, but so can a lot of people,” admits Dan from Rebel Grown Seeds, “but what I do have is so much passion, and enthusiasm to make it that much more exciting for the consumer and they can believe in the pride and the effort that my community has put in way before I even got there. So companies like The Emerald Cup need to exist because they don’t just support themselves and their families, they support their communities and their neighborhoods and the other farms there and the ideals that have always been there.”

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The Cannabis Trailblazers Series: Veterans Walk & Talk – Anywhere is walking distance if you have the time. . . and some weed

Consistency, Colin says, is everything. Showing up. . . it’s everything. However, he warns his fellow vets not to overextend themselves, not to set themselves up for failure. Instead, he recommends starting small with your personal goals and taking it all one step at a time. If you want to take those steps in the company of your fellow vets who have blazed the trail before you, be sure to check out this in-depth profile and then follow @veteranswalkandtalk on Instagram and visit their website at — We’ll see you on the trail!

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