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How To Use BB RSO

How To Use BB RSO


Starting with select highest-quality cannabis flower, Beard Bros Pharms RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is a refined extraction that yields FULL SPECTRUM cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to deliver a true “Entourage Effect” and superior cannabis experience for medical patients and adult-use.


What Is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a full-spectrum cannabis oil that optimizes cannabinoid intake for both medical and recreational consumers with precision dosing made easy enough for those new to the plant to understand and potent enough for those who need to saturate their system with safe and symbiotic constituents expertly extracted from high grade cannabis plants.

  • Beard Bros RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) product delivers a FULL SPECTRUM of all-natural cannabinoids consistently from dose to dose.

  • Available now as High THC formulation and soon as High CBD.

  • Versatile and potent product used as an edible, sublingual, or topical.

  • Great cannabinoid-rich consumption alternative to smoking, vaping, sugary low-dose edibles, etc.

  • Always comes with a third-party COA from a fully accredited lab to ensure both potency and purity for peace of mind on your path to wellness.

Beard Bros Pharms RSO is a full spectrum cannabis oil that is rich in cannabinoids, can be consumed in a wide variety of ways, and can be easily and precisely dosed to optimize wellness for all cannabis consumers, regardless of their experience level with the plant.

Patients and consumers have reported RSO as an effective opioid alternative for pain relief and excellent all-natural sleep aid.

Further reported successes include combating PTSD, anxiety, various cancers, skin problems, and more. This highly versatile cannabis concentrate is one that Beard Bros Pharms has been crafting for years and now they are proud to share it, and its many potential benefits, with you.

"Beard Bros Pharms RSO is Changing Lives For the Better"

Is Beard Bros Right For You?

For medical patients – Many medical cannabis patients have reported that BB RSO is an effective opioid alternative for pain relief and excellent all-natural sleep aid. Customers have reported success combating PTSD, anxiety, various cancers, skin problems and more.


Medical Consumers

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How To Consume BB RSO?

Edible Use

  • Ready to eat (Already decarboxylated or “activated” during the extraction process
  • Add desired dose to an empty gel cap
  • Add to any food or drink that is swallowed without much chewing • Precise dose is released slowly
  • Onset of effects: 1-2 hours
  • Duration of effects: 6-8 hours depending on dosage

Sublingual Use

  • Allows all the cannabinoids to quickly enter bloodstream
  • Place desired dose of Beard Bros RSO directly under the tongue. This can be sticky, and some consumers find it spicy or bitter, so keep a glass of water nearby.
  • Onset of effects: 10-15 minutes
  • Duration of effects: 1-8 hours depending on dosage

Topical Use

• Full Spectrum RSO can be warmed and evenly blended into a separate portion of your favorite lotion then applied directly to a problem area (skin irritation, healing wound, aches & pains).

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