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#TEAMCANNABIS4EPILEPSY: Battling Epilepsy & the Negative Stigma Around Cannabis One Step at a Time

In reality, we are just scratching the surface of the healing properties of not only CBD, but THC and the wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes that occur naturally in the cannabis plant in varying ratios depending on the strain of the plant used for the extraction, and on the extraction method itself. Decades of federal prohibition have ironically and ignorantly stunted our institutional scientific knowledge of cannabis even as one state after another passes medical marijuana laws right under the nose of the feds. Instead, the rise in popularity of cannabis and cannabis oils and extracts as medicine had been fueled mostly by anecdotal evidence for years as patients and their families found relief for their ailments outside of the medical system.

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CARERS Act of 2019 — An In-Depth Look at this Long Overdue Legislation

So far, the same Washington politicians who drape themselves in the flag and hide behind the soldiers anytime their motives get challenged have repeatedly failed to pass sensible laws to give our vets the same rights afforded to civilians in the 33 states and counting that have legalized the medical use of cannabis. Gridlock in D.C. has ground every recent effort to a frustrating halt. Now, however, with a newly seated Democratic Congress in power in the nation’s capital, hopes are once again high that our vets will not be left behind in the war against cannabis prohibition. Learn more in this installment from guest author Eric Goepel of Veterans Cannabis Coalition

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Rylie Maedler Tackles Cancer 10 1

Rylie’s Smile: How a Young Girl is Educating for the Greater Good

Don’t let that sweet smile fool ya – Rylie is a fighter and we sure are glad that she’s on our side of the fight! Rylie’s story is one of strength, perseverance, courage, and love, and the best part is. . . it is just getting started. We are proud to help tell it with our good friend and guest author, Sharon Letts

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