Baroni Brings Back that Old School Vibe in Return to Cali Cannabis Market


Baroni. The name itself evokes an air of class and quality and for those of us who were around in the good ol’ days of Prop 215 here in California, we remember the products that were produced under that name always lived up to those high standards.

Today, Baroni is back in Cali, operating in the regulated market under the same name.

Tomorrow, on the 11th of August, the team at Baroni is taking over The Circle, hands down one of the top shops in Long Beach for top-shelf cannabis, with a pop-up event complete with dank food trucks, dank deals on Baroni gear, and maybe even an appearance from one of the Beard Bros!

That crew from Baroni is led by the company’s founder, Chris Barone, himself a trailblazing legend with a wealth of knowledge about the chemistry behind cannabis extraction.

With a background in pharmaceutical chemistry and a Chemistry degree from Northeastern University, Barone moved to California in 2010 with the clear intention of getting into the cannabis extraction market.

He went on the found The Clear, the first brand to introduce distillation technology to the cannabis extraction market, forever changing the game.

Always pushing new boundaries, Barone began to experiment with cryogenic separation as a form of trichome extraction, essentially dousing top-shelf buds in liquid nitrogen (-320°F) to flash freeze the fresh material. The frozen trich heads are then more efficiently harvested from the plant material.

The Baroni brand carried clout up and down California based on the incredible quality of their hash rosins created from those expertly harvested heads. We even did a Beard Bros x Baroni hash collab with them in 2017 that produced some mouthwatering melts.

So, it’s dope to see them back on the market and The Circle in Long Beach is a perfect venue to blast the Baroni brand to the masses as Baroni has its own facility, and their own deep roots, in the same city.

Barone explains that it has not been an easy journey to get the brand into the regulated market, telling us recently, “Some days I feel like I’m hanging on the best I can, and other days I feel like I’m in control… so I just take it day to day.”

He mentioned how helpful it is to have some of his old friends and connections from the Prop 215 market trying to piece it all together in the new Prop 64 market like he is, so they can lean on each other for support.


Chris Barone and his partners are in the process of building out a state-of-the-art cultivation and extraction facility right in their hood in Long Beach, but that project is still several months from fruition.

In the meantime, Barone has been leaning on those old connections to source the highest-quality flowers and hash to act as the key ingredients in the initial line-up of Baroni products.

With Chris’s background, there are few folks more capable of hand-selecting worthy weed.

Baroni Pre-Rolls 2021Admittedly slow-rolling the full product launch, Baroni has entered the regulated cannabis market in Cali offering a line of infused chocolate bars (the Baroni Bar) and top-quality pre-rolls – find them at your favorite California dispensary or tell them to get some in stock!

Don’t worry, fam, the hash is coming soon.

We promise you that you’ll hear it here from Beard Bros as soon as we can all get our hands – and our dabbers – on some. We can totally understand and relate to how hard it is to avoid that desire to rush to market and instead take the time to perfect your products.

That is the Baroni (and the Beard Bros) blueprint.

Barone told us, “We’re excited to get the product out to the people. Whatever it is, just make it good. If it’s a chocolate bar, we’ll make a damn good chocolate bar. If it’s hash, I’ll make damn good hash.”

If you have read this much and you’re still thinking, “Does the market really need another edible or another pre-roll?”, please allow us to remind you that legacy matters.

Not only should we all feel a moral tug to support the brands that pushed the boundaries and took the risks back when the boundaries were heavy and the risks even heavier, but it just makes sense that a guy like Chris Barone and a brand like Baroni know how to craft quality cannabis products.

All these hiccups, hurdles, and hilarious failures from corporate cannabis were things we all screwed up in a garage or basement a decade ago, then figured out how to fix, then spent that decade perfecting.

This is the legacy of craft cannabis cultivators and extractors. This is why legacy matters.



Baroni Bars are available now in three varieties – Milk Chocolate, Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate, and Peanut Butter.

Come kick it at The Circle on 8/11, swoop some highly effective edibles, and help us welcome Baroni back into business.

Beard Bros Pharms Baroni is Back

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