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A 4/20 Gift Guide: 12 Products to Watch

420 has become the unofficial high holiday of cannabis fans around the world. From epic smoke-outs to major dispensary sales, it’s a day to celebrate, honor the legacy of the plant, and, of course, get high.

If you want to take your 420 to the next level, the products in this Beard Bros curated guide are just the ticket. From delectable edibles to top-shelf oils and everything in between, there’s something for every sesh.


Dive into the mystical world of Utokia Herb Co., where premium cannabis products meet fantasy adventure. Elevate your experience with our lineup of high-quality gummies, strain-specific pre-rolls, and even catnip joints for your furry companions. But here’s the twist – each purchase unlocks a collectible card inspired by our love for fantasy, gaming, and cannabis culture.

Our starter bundle features three effects-based gummies designed to transport you to another realm, complete with a full booster pack of cards – with a 20% chance of finding a rare holo card! Use coupon code ‘BEARDBROS20’ at checkout for your exclusive discount. Let Utokia take you on an adventure like no other!

Trichome Gold

TRICHOME GOLD Boutique Live Rosin

100% Pure Live Rosin. 

It all starts with meticulously crafted Humboldt County cannabis.

We then harvest as trichomes have just reached peak perfection.  

At harvest we flash freeze the flower within minutes of cutting the buds, locking in all the terpenes and cannabinoids, allowing us to capture the total expression of each plant and strain we work with.  

We then wash the frozen flower in pure ice water to collect all the delicate trichomes into a beautiful, frothy bubble hash, which then gets freeze dried and sifted into a delicate and light powder.  

From there, we use nothing but low heat and high pressure to press out the pure live rosin, which is a concentrated expression, so true to the plant, that once it is experienced it is hard to want to enjoy cannabis any other way.

That is exactly what you get with our 1 gram rosin dabs.  


Each of our strains have been hand selected for a unique cannabis experience.

And for our cannathusiasts on the go or looking to keep things discreet our full gram, all-in-one vapes are what you have been waiting for.  

We’ve selected some of the best genetics for making live rosin, and we couldn’nt be more proud of our product.

Were stoked to share Trichome Gold with you!

Find our 100% Pure Live Rosin Products featuring our 1 gram disposable, 1 gram  rosin , 25mg rosin gummies here.

Smoke Show

Smoke Show Co is a full service creative agency and elevated apparel line created by our female founder, Lucia Cifonelli. We create connections with amazing humans as a reflection of the brands we represent with our team of creative marketing experts, lovers of herb and community, and proud spokespeople for the miraculous healing cannabis has brought to our lives.

Activated in over 20 cities, multiple states, and now internationally with our recent launch of our HIGH style clothing during Spannabis week. The Smoke Show Apparel line began as a passion project supported by her mother, Catherine, an apparel industry vet for over 40 years and owner of her own company, Catherine Trifiletti, Ltd.  Smoke Show Co’s line of apparel features bold and beautiful prints designed to satisfy “a plant-loving need for elevated clothing.” 

Lucia oversees all production and manufacturing of their custom print designs made in the USA, locally in our Los Angeles or Las Vegas facilities. We work with organic cottons or natural fibers on our stoner staples and blanks to provide comfortable, sustainable options to wear everyday! With a private label division, we are able to assist other brands in elevating their merchandise and swag too.

Catch our new prints and drops on our socials and website 

@shop_smokeshow @smoke_show_co www.smokeshowco.com 
For consulting and creative services reach out to lucia@smokeshowco.com


Are you a purveyor of high quality herb? When you’re smoking on only the best, ensuring your stash maintains quality freshness is a must. Respect your stash with RE:STASH the world’s first Cannabis Growler.

This fully customizable child proof, light proof, smell proof, drop proof glass storage solution is exclusively engineered to enhance the USA made heritage brand glass Mason jar. Our patented design takes the food & beverage industry’s leading quality storage solution to the next level of product evolution.

Paired with our innovative drop proof, silicone sleeve and sealed tight with our first of its kind Child resistant lid. This fully customizable solution is an innovative patient design brought to the market with the goal of protecting our plant and planet.

As sustainably minded product development engineers, the Oregon based team at MASON-RE is actively helping cut back on one time use plastic and paper storage alternatives. Now you can help protect our planet and your stash with the RE:STASH Cannabis Growler.

This 420 treat yourself with 20% discount with promo code – HAPPY420

If you want your own custom Branded Re:Stash jars, reach out to Adrian@mason-re.com.

Stündenglass Modül

A state-of-the-art innovation, the Stündenglass Modül ushers gravity infusion technology into the digital age by introducing a direct heating source to any Stündenglass. 

Boasting an intuitive and versatile design, the Modül forms a seamless, magnetic connection to both full-size and Kompact units, enabling robust heating options for dry material or concentrates through interchangeable tanks that can reach temperature in as little as 15 seconds.

Alive & Well and AVD

Combining top-shelf oil with premium hardware, the recent collab between popular extract brand Alive & Well and AVD is a match made in weed heaven. The disposable all-in-one vaporizers are sleek, powerful, and potent. These two brands are the best of the best and their partnership could change the vape game forever.

Focus Aeris

A dabbing device that fits in your pocket? You got it. AERIS delivers the power of the Intelli-Core™ in a palm-sized device. Tight enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to produce real clouds, the Focus AERIS creates large smoke from a small device. This Smart Vaporizer makes dabbing-on-the-go easy as 1-2-3.

Hashstash OG Stash Box

Looking for a stylish, discreet, and safe way to keep your stash secure? Say less fam, the team over at Hash Stash has you covered! It comes ready to go with smell-proof jars, a rolling tray, accessories, and combo lock for security, hell it even has a spot for your phone so you can read stay up to date on beardbrospharms.com while you roll up that loud!

High on Plants/Jackie Bryant

Show the world your love for weed in a mature and fashionable way with High on Plants leather earrings. The brand’s first collab with famed cannabis journalist Jackie Bryant are a subdued statement piece—chic, luxe, and upscale.

“I asked them to collab because I had trouble finding stylish jewelry I felt represented my style, which is simple and sleek,” Bryant said. “I wear only black and gold, and that’s what the earrings are! They’re perfect, and it’s a classy way to help break the stigma.”

Gron Pearls

Deliciously fruity and infused with potent extract, Grön Pearls are the perfect edible for any occasion. The sugar-coated candy drops come in a variety of cannabinoid blends, meaning consumers of all types can get the dose they need. For people who need more juice, the Mega Pearls are perfect for experienced users. Available in Arizona, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, New York – and all of Canada!

Superior Molecular High on Pie

Love the taste of pie and wish you could have it in edible form? Superior Molecular has you covered. The brand’s unique High on Pie gummy line mimics the experience of your favorite confection, in classic flavors like Sour Cherry, Pistachio Cream, Strawberry, and Peach. The 1:1 treats contain 5 mg of hemp-derived THC and CBD each, creating a perfectly balanced blend great for any time of day.

Bad Apple Pets

Don’t leave your furry friends out this 420. Doggie Dreams treats from Bad Apple Pets are all-natural CBD biscuits handcrafted from human grade ingredients. The full-spectrum hemp extract comes from plants grown by the brand itself, offering a full farm-to-pet experience. Each treat contains 5 mg of CBD; for a smaller dose, try the 2.5 mg Tranquility Treats. Perfect for anxious moments, joint pain, or as an all-around tasty snack.

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