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Higher Education: Missouri Colleges Expand Cannabis Career Offerings

Missouri is one of the latest states to embrace the legalization of cannabis, both for medical and recreational use. With this expansion comes a shift in societal attitudes toward the plant and a growing demand for skilled professionals to work in the industry.

As more and more individuals begin to see the potential benefits of cannabis, there has been a significant increase in job opportunities in this field. With the normalization of cannabis, colleges in Missouri are stepping up to meet the demand for trained professionals by offering courses and programs focused on cannabis science and operations.

The Emergence of Cannabis Education in Colleges

The legalization of cannabis over the years has opened up a whole new industry with numerous job opportunities. As a result, colleges across the country have started offering courses related to cannabis science and operations in order to prepare students for careers in this field.

With the growing demand for trained professionals in the cannabis industry, these courses provide students with practical knowledge and skills that employers highly value. This benefits the students and supports the growth of this new industry.

Missouri Colleges Adding Cannabis Education Paths

Missouri is establishing itself as a leader in cannabis education, with multiple community colleges and four-year universities offering courses and programs focused on this industry.

St. Louis University was among the first two Missouri colleges to launch online cannabis certificate programs in 2020, along with Northwest Missouri State University. Stacy Godlewski, manager of St. Louis University’s cannabis science and operations online certificate program, said SLU was nudged to do so by Mitch Myers with St. Louis-based BeLeaf Medical, the first medical marijuana company to begin operations in the state, per the Missouri Independent.

“It was Mitch Myers of BeLeaf who actually came to St. Louis University and said, ‘You know, we’re about to go medically legal. We need to educate the employees of the industry. And, you know, why not SLU,’” Godlewski said.

Metropolitan Community College (MCC) now offers three online courses covering cannabis cultivation specialist, cannabis retail specialist, and cannabis extraction & product development specialist.

Similarly, St. Louis Community College (STLCC) now offers three in-person cannabis courses for credit: an introductory lecture, a cultivation course on growing techniques with a lab component, and lab methods course on extraction techniques. The classes, which have space for 24-30 students, have all been filled when they have been offered. STLCC

For the first time this starting this year, Truman State University is the first college in Missouri to offer a bachelor’s degree program for Cannabis and Natural Medicinalswhere you have the flexibility to choose the area of study that matches your professional goals and interests, such as Analytical Science, Society and Philosophy, Cultivation, and Business and Entrepreneurship.

Benefits of Cannabis Education for Students

Cannabis education provides students with hands-on, practical skills and knowledge that are highly sought after in the expanding cannabis industry. These courses cover various topics, including cultivation techniques, product development, retail sales, and extraction methods.

Moreover, these courses provide students with opportunities for employment in various sectors of the cannabis industry, such as dispensaries, production facilities, testing laboratories, and more. With the industry projected to continue its growth, students with a background in cannabis education will have an advantage in securing jobs and advancing their careers.

The Normalization of Cannabis

The fact that colleges in Missouri and around the United States are now offering courses and programs centered around cannabis speaks volumes about the increasing acceptance and normalization of the plant. It also serves as an essential step towards reducing the stigma surrounding cannabis.

By educating students about the science and operations behind this plant, these courses are promoting a better understanding of its potential benefits and uses. This benefits those seeking careers in the industry and society as a whole, as more people become knowledgeable about cannabis and its potential positive impact.

Overall, the emergence of cannabis education in colleges and universities in Missouri and across the United States is a clear indication that this industry is here to stay. These courses not only provide students with valuable knowledge and skills for employment in the expanding cannabis market but also contribute to the normalization of this plant as a medicine and business opportunity.

With more individuals becoming educated about cannabis, we can expect to see continued growth and success in this industry. As these courses become more prevalent, we can look forward to a future where cannabis is entirely accepted and integrated into our society. Let us continue to support the normalization of cannabis education and recognize the potential benefits it brings for both individuals and the industry as a whole.

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