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You’ve seen our team at Beard Bros involved with events for years now, whether attending, promoting, speaking, or some combination of the three. During the same time, one of the most frequent questions people have asked us is where the Friday Sesh is at? Beard Bros Friday Friday Sesh LIVE (BB FSL) it’s a highly curated event hosted Beard Bros Media, sponsored by some of the top names in the industry and put together with well-known media partners and OG legends. 

It’s held at amazing locations, with premium networking opportunities and discussions that you have to be in attendance to experience.

At the Friday Sesh: LIVE, we talk to our guests ( Elliot Lewis,and Maha Haq) about how they got into the industry, their paths in cannabis and all the challenges along the way. We also talk about industry news, trends, insights and more.


  • Catalyst
  • AE Global
  • Encore Labs
  • The NACB
  • Label My Bud
  • Dablicator & 40 Tons
  • Blinc & Finished Goods
  • And more
  • Elliot Lewis (Founder & CEO of Catalyst Cannabis]
  • Maha Haq, Head Coach, Oaksterdam University providing service and coaching to the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation

  • Brand owners
  • Operational partners
  • Industry thought leaders
  • Decision-makers
  • Influencers & Celebrities
  • Associations driving industry maturity
  • Journalists.