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Who Is ‘This Is Jane Project’?

This is Jane Project is a community (both online and in the “real” world) where women and non-binary individuals can gather, connect, and share their stories of hope and healing with cannabis freely. What started as a simple, yet profound photo-activism campaign has now expanded to a diverse, trauma-informed nonprofit organization with a community of over 1,400 trauma survivors, or Janes.

It was 2019 when Shannon DeGrooms, now Executive Director of the This is Jane Project, opened up her home as a healing space to a group of folks now known as Janes – a term the organization has coined to mean women and non-binary people who use cannabis as medicine. With women and non-binary voices often going unheard,

Shannon and founding community members saw the need for collecting and chronicling more diverse stories and perspectives. The stories shared that day, the connections made, and the healing the Janes experienced became the seeds for a dynamic community that now reaches from California to New York.

Not only has TIJP emerged as an advocate for trauma-informed healing, but also for accessible medical cannabis, recognizing the potential medical uses of the plant, and the relief it can provide to marginalized patients who might otherwise be left without it. While the use of cannabis has become a state-sanctioned issue, patients continue to face legal, financial, and social hurdles in obtaining the relief they deserve.

To directly address the various accessibility issues the Jane community can face, TIJP created Survivors Without Access, a community partnership program where Janes can receive their medicinal cannabis at no cost to them. So how is that possible? In the case of CA, through the CA SB-34 Act (Dennis Perron and Brownie Mary Act), compliant (and per TJIP standards ethical) cannabis brands can donate products to lower-income, often chronically ill patients in need.

Currently, the Survivors Without Access program, which has served more than 500 Janes, is active in the Los Angeles County area and Denver, Colorado and has facilitated the donation of over 75k units of medicine. TIJP will also bring compassionate cannabis donations to Chicago, Il, and Belmawr, NJ in 2024, which will only increase that number.

Having quarterly virtual events such as Healing Arts (HEARTS) in which participants can connect through various artistic activities, Janes can also use their creativity to empower themselves therapeutically.

Additionally, on every 4th Wednesday of the month, you can find a Healing Happy Hour taking place, where through facilitated conversations and guest speakers, Janes come together virtually to listen, share, and learn from the various experiences each facilitator brings to this healing space. With a holistic approach in mind, TIJP has become an evolving organization that not only addresses the emotional and social needs of its community members, but also the physical and medical challenges that they may encounter.

Living in a world where access to healing spaces is often a privilege rather than a right, This is Jane Project has become a beacon of hope to many. By addressing the unique needs of its community, TIJP is not only working on bridging the gaps in healthcare needs but most importantly,

This is Jane Project is fostering a community where a sense of belonging and empowerment is among those who need it most. TIJP’s journey reflects a commitment to breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes, and providing a platform for voices that have long been silenced. The power of storytelling has transcended the limitations of words and images, paving the way for tangible, life-changing support.

This is Jane Project’s success, however, relies on the continued support of compassionate individuals who believe in the power of community and care. As we navigate the challenges of today, TIJP invites you to be a part of this extraordinary journey.

Your contribution can make a difference in the lives of those who depend on us. Consider working alongside TIJP, and joining in creating a world where marginalized folks are at the forefront of healing, where women and non-binary individuals, regardless of their background or circumstance, have access to the care they need. Together, we can continue to capture stories, create healing spaces, facilitate cannabis donations, and cultivate community for future Janes to come.

Learn more about the This Is Jane Project at https://thisisjaneproject.org/

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