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Adult-Use Cannabis Is Legal In Minnesota, Here’s What We Know

The state of Minnesota is making history as it has become the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana. On July 1st, 2023, adult-use cannabis became legal for anyone over 21 years old in the North Star State. This law comes with a few caveats, so if you plan to take advantage of this new law, it pays to know the facts.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Minnesota’s cannabis laws, from when and where dispensaries will open to what activities are allowed and prohibited under the law.

We’ll also look at how Minnesota is taking a better approach to adult-use legalization than many other larger states, which is remarkable for a Midwest state.

So, if you’re curious about Minnesota’s recreational marijuana laws, here’s what we know.

Timeline of Marijuana Legalization in Minnesota

Marijuana legalization has been a long time coming in Minnesota. Medical marijuana was legalized in 2014, and since then, the state has taken its time to roll out the program due to numerous bureaucratic roadblocks.

In 2021, lawmakers proposed legislation that would legalize recreational use for adults 21 and over, but it officially became law in July of 2023.

When do Adult-Use Dispensaries Open?

The first recreational dispensaries are expected to open their doors sometime in 2025. While this is a year away, tribal governments don’t have to wait for the state’s licensing system to open dispensaries. They can start dispensing immediately if they follow local and federal laws regarding cannabis sales and consumption.

The state government will be responsible for the licensing and regulation of all cannabis growers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, product manufacturers, researchers, and testing labs. This means consumers can expect a safe and regulated cannabis industry in Minnesota.

Can’s and Cant’s

Though recreational marijuana is now legal in Minnesota, some things are still not allowed under the new law. For instance, smoking cannabis in public places (including parks and streets) is still prohibited, as is the sale of cannabis to minors.

The law also outlines how much cannabis a person can possess in public. Adults 21 years or older are allowed to have up to 2 ounces of cannabis and 8 grams of concentrates in any given place at one time.

Home grow is allowed under the new law but limits the number of plants to 8 per household and no more than four flowering plants at a time. Also, cannabis grown at home must be kept in a locked space out of public view.

It’s important to remember these regulations when using or consuming cannabis, as breaking them could result in fines and other punishments.

Tax Rate

The tax rate for recreational use of cannabis in Minnesota is 10%. This is relatively low compared to other states that have legalized adult use of cannabis, such as California and Colorado, which have tax rates ranging from 15 to 25 percent.

Revenue from the cannabis taxes will go towards various programs in the state, including public safety initiatives, public health and drug prevention programs, addiction treatment programs, and research on the effects of cannabis.

This ensures that Minnesota’s communities benefit from legalizing recreational marijuana.

Will Cannabis Convictions be Expunged in Minnesota?

Yes, Minnesota has taken steps to expunge or reduce past marijuana convictions. According to the law, people convicted of low-level possession crimes can have their records expunged if they meet specific criteria.

People with more serious convictions may be eligible for sentence reductions and other forms of relief. This effort is designed to ensure that cannabis consumers in Minnesota are not disproportionately punished for previous mistakes.

It is important to note that expungement of marijuana convictions does not apply to all cases, and the process can be complicated, so those seeking relief should seek legal advice from an experienced attorney.

The state of Minnesota wants to make sure that all cannabis consumers have access to justice and fairness in the law.

Office of Cannabis Management

In order to ensure that the cannabis industry is adequately regulated, Minnesota has created the Office of Cannabis Management. This office will handle all aspects of regulation for the cannabis industry in Minnesota, from issuing licenses and permits to monitoring compliance with safety standards and product testing.

The Office of Cannabis Management will also be responsible for drafting regulations and creating a set of best practices to ensure that the cannabis industry in Minnesota is following all applicable laws and regulations. This office will play a significant role in keeping the cannabis industry safe, responsible, and above board.

Cannabis and Cars

Under Minnesota’s cannabis laws, driving while impaired by marijuana is prohibited and punishable by law.

It is illegal to transport marijuana in your vehicle unless it is stored in a sealed container and is inaccessible from the driver and passenger area. Crossing state lines with cannabis is illegal as well.

Cannabis in the Workplace

Though recreational marijuana is now legal in Minnesota, employers can still enforce their own policies regarding cannabis use, just like alcohol.

Employers may choose to prohibit or limit employees from using, possessing, or being under the influence of marijuana while on the job or while representing the company.

Impact on Medical Marijuana Program

The passage of legislation to legalize recreational cannabis in Minnesota will not have an effect on the state’s medical marijuana program. Patients who are already registered with the program will be able to access medical marijuana just as they did before.

Additionally, those who qualify for medical marijuana can still benefit from lower taxes and fees associated with their purchases compared to recreational consumers.

Overall, the legalization of recreational cannabis in Minnesota should mean increased access and better prices for all marijuana consumers. The state is taking a smart approach to regulating the cannabis industry and protecting those already registered with the medical marijuana program.

This ensures that everyone can safely and responsibly enjoy the new freedoms that come with legalized recreational cannabis in Minnesota.

Minnesota has taken a measured and responsible approach to legalizing cannabis for adult use. The state is creating regulations for the industry that prioritize safety, fairness, and access for all consumers while protecting those already registered with the medical marijuana program.

This makes Minnesota an interesting example of how even in the Midwest, there can be successful efforts toward legalizing recreational cannabis.

By providing access to affordable, safe, and regulated cannabis products, Minnesota is setting an excellent example for other states that are considering legalizing marijuana. This progressive stance on cannabis could lead to other midwest states following its example, furthering the spread of recreational marijuana throughout the region.

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