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Alabama Announces First 21 Medical Marijuana License Holders

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) has issued a stay on all proceedings related to the current offering of medical cannabis business licenses. The decision was made due to AMCC’s discovery of potential inconsistencies in the tabulation of scoring data, which an independent third party will review.

As a result, applicants who were awarded a license on June 12, 2023 are not required to pay the license fee by June 26, 2023 and those denied awards are not required to submit requests for investigative hearings.

Licenses that were awarded on June 12th will also remain on hold until further notice from the Commission. Once the stay is lifted, the Commission will reconsider the award of licenses and provide further timelines for payment and issuance. For now, the stay is in effect until further notice.

Updated: June 19th, 2023.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission was established to oversee the development and implementation of a medical cannabis program in the state.

The Commission recently awarded 21 licenses to individuals and entities that applied for these licenses for cultivation, processing, dispensing, integrated facilities, secure transport, and state testing laboratory operations. This historic moment marks the first time businesses can operate legally within Alabama’s medical cannabis market.

This move is significant as it brings much-needed relief to thousands of Alabamians with various debilitating conditions who now have access to medical cannabis treatments. It also opens up business and job opportunities at local levels, which can help stimulate economic growth throughout the state. With this step forward, Alabama joins many states nationwide that have already taken steps to legalize and regulate medical cannabis.

Awarding these licenses is the first step on Alabama’s journey toward establishing its medical cannabis industry. For many Alabamians, it will be a long-awaited change that brings hope and much-needed relief.

Licenses Awarded

Integrated Facility License
Flowerwood Medical Cannabis, LLC
Southeast Cannabis Company, LLC
Sustainable Alabama, LLC
TheraTrue Alabama, LLC
Verano Alabama, LLC
Cultivator License
Blackberry Farms, LLC
Gulf Shore Remedies, LLC
Pure by Sirmon Farms, LLC
Twisted Herb Cultivation, LLC
Processor License
1819 Labs, LLC
Enchanted Green, LLC
Jasper Development Group Inc.
Organic Harvest Lab, LLC
Dispensary License
CCS of Alabama, LLC
RJK Holdings AL, LLC
Statewide Property Holdings AL, LLC
Yellowhammer Medical Dispensaries, LLC
Secure Transport License
Alabama Secure Transport, LLC
International Communication, LLC
Tyler Van Lines, LLC
State Testing Laboratory License
Certus Laboratories

Details Behind Licensing Process

To obtain one of the 21 licenses issued by the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, applicants were required to submit a comprehensive licensing application and proposal to demonstrate their financial ability, business/management approach, operations plan & procedures, facility suitability & infrastructure, security plan, personnel, quality control & testing as well as marketing & advertising.

All applications were carefully evaluated and scored according to eight categories based on these criteria to be considered for licensure.

Each scored exhibit was independently reviewed by two evaluators from the University of South Alabama’s Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER), who assessed applicants’ solvency, stability, suitability, capability, projected efficiency, and experience both in relation to any other bids and on its own merits.

Timeline for Establishing Medical Cannabis Industry in Alabama

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission has set the timeline for its medical cannabis program. It includes when physicians may begin the certification process for medical cannabis recommendations when businesses receive their licenses from AMCC and plan for a second license offering.

Starting in June 2023, physicians in the state of Alabama can begin to recommend medical cannabis products to qualifying patients who are suffering from various debilitating conditions such as cancer, epileptic seizures, HIV/AIDS, as well as other chronic and terminal illnesses.

Additionally, the Commission is expected to issue licenses to the 21 businesses awarded by August 2021 while also planning on offering a second round of licensing later this year.

These milestones indicate that Alabama is making steady progress toward establishing its medical cannabis industry, and soon more people suffering from qualifying conditions will gain access to long-awaited relief.

Benefits of Alabama Establishing Medical Cannabis Industry

The establishment of Alabama’s medical cannabis industry offers numerous benefits both on an individual level and at a more extensive societal scale. The most immediate benefit is that it provides access to medical cannabis products for those with certain debilitating illnesses who can finally receive relief through these treatments.

Additionally, this move also opens up local business and job opportunities, which can help stimulate economic growth throughout the state as more people are employed.

It is also a step forward in public health and safety by providing an alternative to opioids for those suffering from chronic pain, which can help reduce opioid addiction and overdose rates. Furthermore, it will generate much-needed revenue for Alabama through taxes on medical cannabis sales, which can fund various programs or initiatives.

The passage of these new licenses is a positive signal that Alabama is serious about its commitment to expanding access to medical cannabis treatments in the state while bringing benefits such as economic growth and job opportunities at a local level.

With the awarding of these new licenses, Alabama is one step closer to establishing a medical cannabis industry and providing much-needed relief for those suffering from qualifying conditions. The road ahead may still be long, but this milestone shows that progress is being made toward a future where these treatments are available throughout the state.

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