Alive and Well Live Resin Vape Carts Are a Breath of Fresh Air… and Terps!

Alive and Well Live Resin Vape Carts are FIRE

Finally. It took a while, but thanks to the crew over at Alive and Well the relationship between vape cart tech and extraction tech has finally reached a point where even the snobbiest cannabis connoisseurs (like us!) can find pleasure in this highly convenient and often mismarketed form of consumption.

When it comes to marketing, let’s face it… beyond the outer packaging, most vaporizer carts look almost identical to the average consumer.

Common 510 threading on one end, a mouthpiece on the other, and some sort of cannabis extract housed in between. Here in Cali, you’ll find the non-descript “warning” symbol on the cart itself, but no unique or creative branding to differentiate one company’s product from another.

What this means is that the product – the actual oil in the cart and the flavor and effects it delivers – must speak for itself, and holy smokes this Alive and Well Vanilla Frosting Live Resin cart I scooped at Hall of Flowers is screaming LOUD!

beard-bros-pharms-alive-and-well-live-resin-2I experienced the blessing and the curse of taking this nuclear-grade cart with me to go salmon fishing last week and the kushy kick of flavor and the dab-like effects got me a little too comfortable in my little boat and the river current almost carried me into the sea.

For real though, the discreet nature of ripping that vape pen while drifting past less-than-friendly fishermen and game wardens hiding in the bushes would not have been possible with a joint or a pipe, and certainly not with a dab rig.

As someone who generally sticks to flower, this cart hasn’t left my pocket since I got it and it has been keeping my head right all day long.

Fam, you know us. The Beard Bros wouldn’t bring you boof and we definitely don’t deal in hot dog water, so let’s take a closer look at this Alive and Well Live Resin vape cartridge and see why I’ll be keeping one on deck from now on.

Alive and Well Live Resin Carts Elevate the Vape Game

This particular cart was crafted from a fresh frozen harvest of top-shelf Vanilla Frosting buds.

Hailing from the brilliant minds at The Humboldt Seed Co., Vanilla Frosting is a mouthwatering cross of Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato Bx3 so you know that flavor and potency should be front and center… and they are.

Let’s look at some numbers.

This Alive and Well Live Resin cart boasts a total THC percentage of 78.2% which is certainly impressive but if you have been reading Beard Bros Pharms articles and reviews long enough, you should already know that THC is just one part of a larger story, and that’s where this story starts getting really good.

The package also shows that the cart contains 1.2% CBD and a total cannabinoid volume of 84%. Yeah, yeah… nobody said there would be math but if the CBD and THC total 79.4%, that leaves another 4.6% of additional complementary cannabinoids.

In fact, once we got our hands on the lab test/COA, it revealed a full 3.2% of CBG as well as a significant dose of CBC.

That along with 9.18% total terpene content is what we refer to as a full-spectrum cannabis experience.

The dominant limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene terps explain that smackin’ OG and Cookies flave, but also explain why hitting this Alive and Well Live Resin cart is much more reminiscent of enjoying a dab rather than choking on distillate.

That’s because it’s not distillate and it’s certainly not cut with fillers, leveling agents, acetates, or fake terps.

In fact, it’s not “cut” at all.

Alive and Well only lists one ingredient and that is “Fresh Frozen Cannabis Flower”.

In case you are not familiar with Live Resin, we have written about it in detail before, but here is a quick description.

Traditionally, a cannabis crop was harvested by chopping down the plants, allowing it all ample time to dry in a cool, dark, place. Once dried, it would be trimmed and then stored again in a cool, dry, airtight environment to properly cure. Those dried, cured, trimmed buds would then either be bagged up for sale as-is or processed into hash and wax.

alive and well live resin vape cart 5With Live Resin extractions, however, the harvested plants are flash frozen immediately after being cut down, preserving cannabinoids and terpenes at their freshest state before they have a chance to oxidize and degrade.

Crafting hash or cannabis oil from this fresh frozen material is typically reserved for higher quality material and requires a higher level of skill from the extractor and, when done correctly, produces an abundantly flavorful and potent product as we see with this Alive and Well Live Resin vape cartridge.

Even the cart hardware itself – manufactured by 14th Round right here in Los Angeles – is optimized to deliver true-to-the-strain flavor and effects.

This is exactly why it makes a difference to find a brand you can trust! We already mentioned that vape cart hardware itself looks almost identical, but there is literally a world of difference in the safety and performance of these carts compared to those imported by competitors.

This is especially true when it comes to the oil housed in those carts.

Alive and Well is making craft batches of dab-ready diamonds and sauce and jamming it into these carts a gram at a time and the result is a thick cloud of dank smelling vapor with every hit.

Whether you prefer to rip it or sip it, here’s a pro tip from the Bros.

Get yourself a high-quality vape cart battery with variable voltage controls. This will allow you to dial in the ideal settings so that you are thoroughly vaporizing the Live Resin without burning it.

I found that 3.2v or lower was the sweet spot to maximize the flavor and effects I was seeking.

According to data released earlier this year by industry watchdog Arcview, year-over-year sales of cannabis vape carts increased in every market analyzed, with California witnessing 12.5% growth in the sector.

Regulated, lab-tested cannabis vape carts are safe, they are convenient, and now – finally – they are worth talking about!

If your favorite dispensary is not carrying Alive and Well Live Resin vaporizer cartridges let them know what time it is! Also, be sure you’re following Alive and Well on IG for a steady injection of flavor in your feed.

Alive and Well Live Resin carts – Beard Bros tested, Beard Bros APPROVED!

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