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Americans Prefer Legal Marijuana Over Legal Tobacco

In the local political scene, as the rising popularity of both medical and recreational cannabis shows a steady increase, the popularity of tobacco products is seeing a steady fall. This societal shift was predicted by those who have always favored cannabis over alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, coffee, and even sugar. 

Long-Held Beliefs Backed Up By Surveys And Studies

This shift in society and public views shows the public and media finally catching up to a belief held by many others who have, for so long, consumed cannabis and promoted its benefits. And, as public opinions change in the country, respected surveys and reputable research are right there with the shift to validate this changing societal shift.

Recent surveys and studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that 57% of local adults support the policy prohibiting tobacco product sales. The research also reveals that many locals encourage continued education that enlightens locals on such policies. According to the research, many seek education to reduce tobacco product use and related disparities. 

While surveys discourage tobacco, other research promotes cannabis and the legalization thereof. According to a Pew Research survey, 59% believe that medical and recreational marijuana use should be legal. 

Long-Held Beliefs Backed Up By Surveys And Studies

The Hope For Public Popularity To Change Restrictions

Despite the public favoring marijuana rather than tobacco, every state besides Wyoming still restricts marijuana in public places. In contrast, tobacco remains legal in every state, and locals are allowed to continue smoking in areas cannabis is not. 

Cannabis, on the other hand, is still subjected to hefty regulations and remains illegal under federal law. It is hoped that advocates and researchers, who are currently faulting the federal government for failing to legalize and regulate cannabis in some states, will succeed and bring legalization to this now-very-favored plant. 

According to online sources, marijuana remains illegal in Idaho, Kansas, and Nebraska. According to the National Council of State Legislatures 21 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for recreational use. A total of 37 states allow medical marijuana, while 47 states permit low-potency marijuana derivatives. However, this societal shift demands more marijuana and those who favor it over tobacco. 

With unanimous public opinion, it is further hoped that all states will remove all the chains of restrictions placed on cannabis entirely and, with it, ban tobacco products right out. However, tobacco and its popularity over the centuries seem so far dug into society that achieving the latter may be time-consuming, if not impossible.

Should political parties add to the rising popularity of marijuana and the disfavoring of tobacco, this could all come to light. According to a Gallup survey conducted in 2022, 68% of locals supported legal marijuana, and many are Liberals and Democrats who carry overwhelming favoritism for legal cannabis.

The Hope For Public Popularity To Change Restrictions

May Popularity And Support Rise To Global, In Fact, Universal Levels

On the one side, we can’t expect a national tobacco ban anytime soon; however, as online news reports reveal, it is hoped that rising anti-tobacco sentiment will effectively force federal regulation, which makes cigarettes and tobacco products less addictive and less palatable to the young. It is also hoped, as previously mentioned, that further education about tobacco products will see unfavorable outcomes for related products and a public less likely to smoke these products.

Conversely, with current societal shifts, we can, hopefully, expect legalization and further widespread embracing of cannabis soon in all spheres of society. If anything, the current situation will only continue to skew more in favor of cannabis.

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