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Cannabis Linked to Improved Female Orgasm Study Finds

In recent years, the potential benefits of cannabis have been increasingly explored and celebrated. An intriguing area of research is its impact on women’s sexual health, particularly in enhancing orgasmic experiences. A study published in the journal Sexual Medicine suggests that cannabis can significantly help women achieve more frequent and satisfying orgasms.

Female orgasmic dysfunction (FOD) is characterized by persistent or recurrent difficulty in achieving orgasm despite adequate sexual stimulation and arousal. According to the study, this condition affects up to 41% of women globally and can cause significant distress, affecting their quality of life and relationships. Despite its prevalence, finding effective treatments has been challenging, making this new research on cannabis particularly important.

Study Findings on Cannabis and the Female Orgasm

The study was led by clinical sexologist Dr. Suzanne Mulvehill, PhD, the executive director of the Female Orgasm Research Institute and founder of the Women’s Cannabis Project, driven by her personal experiences with cannabis.

“I was interested in this topic because it was cannabis that helped me overcome my own orgasm difficulty, something I tried to overcome for more than 30 years, seeing four sex therapists in this time frame and trying other treatment modalities,” Mulevehill said in a statement. “I wanted to research if other women who had orgasm difficulty were also benefiting from cannabis.”

Mulvehill and her team conducted an anonymous online survey to gather data from women who had engaged in partnered sex within the past month and used cannabis before sex. The survey collected responses from over 1,000 women, ultimately analyzing 387 valid surveys.

The study yielded some compelling statistics:

  • Increased Orgasm Frequency: Women with orgasm difficulties experienced a 39.8% increase in orgasm frequency with cannabis use. Specifically, 88.8% reported reaching orgasm more frequently when using cannabis, compared to 63.3% without it.
  • Eased Orgasm Difficulty: The difficulty of achieving orgasm decreased by 35.4% among women with orgasm difficulties when using cannabis. Only 7.4% found it extremely difficult or impossible to orgasm with cannabis, compared to 22.8% without it.
  • Enhanced Satisfaction: Satisfaction levels nearly doubled, with 86.1% of women reporting higher satisfaction with cannabis use, compared to 43.6% without it. Dissatisfaction rates dropped significantly, from 56.4% without cannabis to 20.8% with it.

The Science Behind Cannabis and Orgasms

Cannabis contains compounds called cannabinoids, which interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate various functions, including mood, appetite, and pain sensation. THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, may help reduce anxiety and increase relaxation, which can be beneficial during sexual activity.

Women with mental health conditions, such as anxiety and PTSD, often report difficulties in achieving orgasm. The study found that cannabis use led to a more positive orgasmic response among these women. THC’s ability to reduce activity in the hippocampus and amygdala—parts of the brain involved in trauma and anxiety—might play a role in improving orgasmic function.

The study also highlighted that cannabis use resulted in more orgasms for sexual abuse survivors, who often face significant challenges in achieving orgasm due to trauma-related issues. By reducing hypervigilance and anxiety, the study suggests cannabis could help these women feel more relaxed and present during sexual activity.

Despite the promising findings, it is important to note that cannabis was not effective for everyone. About 4% of the women with female orgasmic dysfunction in the study used cannabis before sex and did not experience an orgasm. “Cannabis did not help all women orgasm,” Mulvehill noted. “That said, studies show that the typical range of women who have anorgasmia, have not yet experienced an orgasm, is 10-15%.”

This highlights that while cannabis may be a helpful tool for many, it is not a universal solution and highlights the need for continued research and diverse treatment options for orgasmic dysfunction.

The Future of Cannabis and Sexual Health

Mulvehill hopes to develop a cannabis-based prescription medication to treat female orgasmic dysfunction. While cannabis won’t likely be a cure-all for those with anorgasmia (a complete absence of orgasm), the intervention helped more than no treatment at all, providing a promising alternative for many women.

“My long term goals are to get female orgasmic dysfunction approved as a condition of treatment for medical cannabis in the United States and countries worldwide and ultimately to develop a cannabis-based prescription medication to treat it.” according to an article by PsyPost on the study.

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and legalized, further research will be essential to understand the full benefits it has to offer.

Cannabis shows promise as a tool for enhancing women’s sexual health, particularly for those struggling with orgasmic difficulties. The study’s findings highlight the potential benefits of cannabis in increasing orgasm frequency, easing orgasm difficulty, and enhancing overall satisfaction.

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